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Ok, we have a problem. But it’s the best problem we can imagine. There were just too many good games this year for us to pick nominees for the Game of the Year category at G-Phoria 2008.

So, we need your help. Pick your favorite game from the list below, and help us weed down the list to a manageable set of nominees.

Then, at E3 ’08, we’ll announce them, along with all of the other nominees, for this year’s G-Phoria.

Review the list below and pick your favorite

You can only vote once, so choose wisely.

Rapture, lies waiting, crawling with some of the scariest creatures that ever spliced their genetics together. In this groundbreaking game that served notice to designers that something new and amazing was happening.
Halo 3
Master Chief’s last stand comes just in time to ‘Finish The Fight,’ as he crashes to Earth and tries once and for all to stop The Covenant from destroying humanity, and launches a multiplayer revolution in the process.
The Orange Box
Valve went over and above with this compilation that included a ton of Half Life, the multiplayer juggernaut Team Fortress 2, and the truly groundbreaking Portal, which forced gamers to re-evaluate the way we look at space.
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
Call of Duty's leap from the Greatest Generation to the present day brings a shock and awe level bombardment to the player not often felt by videogames. This groundbreaking FPS explores the experience of modern warfare
Super Mario Galaxy
Mario makes his true Next-Gen debut with the biggest Mario game yet. Explore a vast universe of bizarre and dangerous planets as you strive to collect stars and save the Princess... again.
Assassins Creed
Ubisoft's Crusade-era cross-time action title is epic in a way few other videogames have ever achieved. Altair's adventures through the three fully rendered cities of Acra, Damascus, and Jerusalem.
Rock Band
The party-in-a-box that make rock stars out of the young and old cemented Harmonix as one of the true giants in gaming and lead to a social revolution, as well as resurrecting Deep Purple and redefining downloadable content.
Mass Effect
It's up to you to choose if and how to save the galaxy in BioWare's revolutionary Action-RPG Space opera Mass Effect. Explore a vast galaxy and be part of one the most engaging stories in the history of gaming.
Super Smash Bros
This highly-anticipated Wii title is all about beating the crap out of the next guy, whether the next guy be Luigi, Solid Snake, Sonic the Hedgehog, or Samus. The entire Nintendo universe is at your disposal for the melee.
God of War: Chains of Olympus
Kratos proves that smaller isn't necessarily smaller, as the first handheld God of War game delivers the goods in this prequel that lets the future god of war loose to exact revenge on those who've wronged him…via PSP.
Grand Theft Auto 4
Welcome back to Liberty City, like you’ve never seen it before. Join Eastern European badass Niko Bellic as he tries to assimilate to American culture by stealing, killing, and grabbing all the paper he can along the way.
Metal Gear Solid 4
The ‘killer app’ the PlayStation 3 has been looking for finally arrives, and Kojima has built a humdinger of a game with plenty of cinematics, a sprawling story, and the end of the Solid Snake saga once and for all.

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