Chris Hardwick

Chris Hardwick was born on the starship Enterprise and is the product of two red-shirts that quickly met their demise in a phaser accident. He was beamed back to Earth after "inappropriate conduct" on the holodeck with a computer-generated Buffy Summers. Since then, Chris has become a professional stand-up comedian and a self-proclaimed nerd. He is a writer for Wired Magazine and a talking cow on Nickelodeon's Back at the Barnyard.
Aside from that, he is also a part of the mega-nerd comedy duo Hard 'n Phirm, has been known to do stand-up with The Soup's Joel McHale, and has received a massive internet following after posting a viral video he created about the numerical value of Pi.
Chris has played at numerous festivals including SXSW inAustin and Coachella with the Comedians of Comedy. Obsessive stalkers and/or fans might remember him as the less "buxom" host next to Carmen Electra and Jenny McCarthy on Singled Out. You can currently catch Chris as the resident technical correspondent on G4's Attack of the Show, on his geek-lifestyle blog Nerdist.com, or lurking on Twitter as @nerdist.