Canon Rebel T4i DSLR Review

Posted: November 14, 2012
Canon Rebel T4i DSLR Review

Tis the season to get your hands on a digital SLR! If that's the case, then Matt Mira and John Barrowman suggest the Canon Rebel T4i in our 2012 Holiday Gift Guide.

What You Need To Know

  • The Canon Rebel T4i DSLR has pretty much the same features as the T3i with subtle improvements.
  • The buttons stick out a little more and there's now a dedicated video mode just above the on/off switch.
  • The mode dial allows you to quickly access your shooting modes, like landscape, macro and night shot.
  • What makes this DSLR unique is the pop-out touch screen that's adjustable for any shooting situation.
  • The touch controls allows you to tap to focus in live view mode, though it's a lot slower than using the focus ring on the lens.
  • The photos had amazing details and top-notch color reproduction.
  • This does have the same 18 megapixel APS-C sensor as the T2i, which isn't a huge leap, but we think the photo quality is as good as it gets in its price range.
  • The low light photos didn't blow us away and photos in the high ISO range had noticeable noise.
  • This DSLR now has a 9 point autofocus, making it easier and faster to get a sharp image.
  • The T4i shows great, cinema quality video.
  • It's nowhere near the quality of the full frame 5D Mark 3, but this DSLR is a few thousand dollars cheaper.
  • One new feature is the continuous autofocus while shooting video.
  • This worked pretty well while the subject was in the foreground, but during landscape shots, the camera is often confused as to what to focus on.
  • The autofocus was also silent, which is a big improvement.


  • $1,199 with an 18-35 lens.
  • You can't get much better at this price range.
  • The photos look good and the touch screen is surprisingly usable.
  • The video quality is phenomenal.