AVADirect Quick Ship Clevo Gaming Laptop Review

Posted: July 17, 2012
AVADirect Quick Ship Clevo Gaming Laptop Review

The AVADirect Direct Quick Ship Clevo gaming laptop is an 11" ultra portable laptop with an Intel quad-core i7 processor, NVIDIA GT 650 GPU and 15 GB of RAM--but is this enough to make your gaming experience as awesome as possible? Matt Mira and Mo Mandel take a look for Gadget Pr0n.

What You Need To Know

  • This is AVADirect's ultra portable gaming laptop.
  • The screen measures 11.6" and overall, the laptop is pretty thick for an ultra portable.
  • It's no MacBook Air but the laptop packs a lot of tech for its price.
  • On the right side are 2 USB 3.0 ports, HDMI out and GB Ethernet.
  • On the left side, you get another USB, perfect for an external mouse for gaming.
  • The keyboard felt really small for my hands but we did like the trackpad.
  • The 11" screen isn't terrible for playing games but the size was definitely usable.
  • There is a noticeable screen matrix when you're looking at a white web page.
  • The screen is good for its price, which is a theme for this laptop: value.
  • Using an external monitor and having this replace your desktop is not out of the question, though.
  • The power is truly the highlight of this machine.
  • The configuration we tested has a quad-core Intel i7 processor, 16 GB of RAM and a 2 GB NVIDIA GPU, which is a ton of power for a laptop that costs $1,400.
  • We played Modern Warfare 3 at max settings and this thing didn't flinch.
  • These specs will probably handle the most graphic intensive games for years to come.
  • It did get really hot during gaming though, so you're not going to want this on your lap.
  • One thing that really helped with the load times is the hybrid hard drive.
  • There's 750 GB drive that also has 8GB of solid state memory that caches the OS and frequently used programs.
  • The average battery life is about four hours but if you're going to game, you're going to want to be plugged in because you'll only get about 2 hours of battery life.


  • Starts at $820 but our configuration came in at $1,380.


  • 4 Seals of Approval out of 5. (How do we rate gadgets?)
  • We think the i7 processor, 2 GB GPU and 16 GB of RAM make this laptop a really good value.
  • If you're a PC gamer looking for a portable rig on a budget, this is a good option.
  • That said, the design feels outdated and the screen leaves a lot to be desired.
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