The Future of Wind Power & More New Green Tech

Posted: April 18, 2012
The Future of Wind Power & More New Green Tech

Earth Week is here so do your part by learning the latest eco-friendly technology available, like what's in store for renewable wind generated energy, how the GoE3 will change the way you think about electric cars and the power of the Aora Solar Tulip.

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  • iFirefly

    Just remember, when "quick-charging" an electric vehicle's batteries that the life expectancy is severely shortened and degraded every time this is done - such is the cost of speeding up recharging time. The batteries' technology is designed for safe, "slow" charging overnight. There is always a trade-off, kiddies!

    I do really like the Tulip network of solar/wind turbines as well as the dirigible wind turbine - that's pretty good performance for a ballon in a frigid environment.

    The one cheap, efficient AND clean resource that we have failed to capitalize on, however, which is PROPANE and COMPRESSED NATURAL GAS (CNG). We could cheaply convert any gasoline-powered vehicle to use either of these naturally-occurring fuels (that require little processing) and we would enjoy cleaner emissions while our engines would last virtually forever since they no longer have to fight the sludge buildup caused by the harmful compounds used to make gasoline more usable.

    Why haven't we converted? Simple - there are very few places to refuel, except for getting your barbecue's fuel tank, or the average municipality has refueling stations for their fleets (proving the technology and efficiencies work). We need to install the infrastructure that will support both propane and CNG as well as those recharging stations. Then we can make a dent in the energy problem. Let's get serious and make a commitment towards a smarter energy policy!

    Posted: April 18, 2012 12:36 PM