Feedback On Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic To Return Of The Jedi

Posted: April 11, 2012
Feedback On Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic To Return Of The Jedi
Feedback takes on Star Wars: the movies, the brand, and the games. How does Knights of the Old Republic compare to Return of the Jedi?

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  • CujoSWAoA

    I'd would eat a spoonful of my own bodily waste to get to talk to these 4 individuals about this topic.

    Posted: April 17, 2012 10:55 PM
  • AllTeam

    Talking about Star Wars Force Unleashed. The idea is there and from a gameplay both are great. However, the story of 2 was just cut short and felt rushed.

    Star wars Kinect is a lot of fun. I really enjoy it and its fun. Its not the hard core lightsaber game yet but it will take time to get there.

    Posted: April 16, 2012 1:55 PM
  • o1dguardsman

    I very much agree with a couple of Matt Keil's comments. I would love to see Blur make some kind of Star Wars movie, doubt it will ever happen, but if it did it could be amazing. I would also love to see X-Wing and Tie Fighter re-released on Xbox Live and while your at it bring Freespace 1 +2 and Independence War to XBL as well. I really miss space combat simulations and bring these classic to Xbox Live, etc would be an easy way to bring them to the current generation of consoles and a new generation of gamers.

    Posted: April 16, 2012 8:51 AM
  • FFGHachi46


    Had me almost falling out of my chair laughing. ><</safety_wrapper> ;

    Posted: April 15, 2012 11:19 PM
  • Phamista

    Would have loved to hear you guys talk about the live action Star Wars TV show thats been in the works for the past few years. Definitely felt that was a huge point in the future of the Star Wars franchise, you guys missed. :/

    Posted: April 15, 2012 1:45 PM

    Thanks for coming out Matt Keil! Always lovely to hear what you think on these issues - somehow end up agreeing with you almost 99% of the time. Also, Blair, talk more. You're too silent - don't hear enough opinion from you anymore! Want moar!

    Fun episode though! I appreciate the nerd talk in lieu of there being much gaming news worth talking about.

    Posted: April 15, 2012 2:27 AM

    Thanks for coming out Matt Keil! Always lovely to hear what you think on these issues - somehow end up agreeing with you almost 99% of the time. Also, Blair, talk more. You're too silent - don't hear enough opinion from you anymore! Want moar!

    Fun episode though! I appreciate the nerd talk in lieu of there being much gaming news worth talking about.

    Posted: April 15, 2012 1:43 AM
  • kibbles0515

    I. HATE. The 10 Words or Less segment. Here's why: THE QUESTIONS YOU ARE ASKING CAN EASILY BE ANSWERED IN LESS THAN 10 WORDS. Therefore, it is not a challenge to keep it to less than 10 words. Consequently, you have changed it into "Try and Answer This Question in as Many Words as Possible Less than 10." And I'm tired of it. Maybe change it to the "Between 5 and 10 Words" segment. But I cannot stand this stupid "My favorite character is Mario because he is a plumber" game.

    Posted: April 14, 2012 5:04 PM
  • U.B.C.S

    I saw Episode 1 when i was 14 on sunday night of opening weekend and i was thought it was the greatest movie in the world. i remember having a lightsaber fight in the parking lot while we were waiting for my mom to pick us up. now 13 years later i hate the movie with every fiber of my being. it looks so dated now and has zero tension. the whole prequel trilogy were a series that nobody asked for. things did suck when you were a kid, it just takes a decade to realize it

    Posted: April 14, 2012 1:53 PM
  • MuppetPastor

    I agree with a lot of what Matt Keil said about Jedi; I thought it was good overall, but had a lot of those "prequel" parts to it (ESPECIALLY the special edition, *shudder*). But I still liked the overall feel of it.

    If anyone else is interested in more in depth discussion about the prequels, there's some very funny reviews made by this guy on youtube (red letter media, or something like that, search for it) that goes over, in detail, what sucks and what went wrong with each movie. It's a really funny and insightful watch. I didn't agree with everything he said, but he made a lot of good points in those videos.

    Posted: April 14, 2012 10:42 AM
  • DJTahoe

    There IS a DVD release of the original theatrical release of Star Wars with original sound. Not the trilogy box set. It was available with the with the Special Edition on Disc 1 & Disc 2 was the original.

    Posted: April 14, 2012 9:22 AM
  • horseflesh

    Glad to see Matt Keil back (Hope I spelled that correctly) I wondered what happened to him.

    I agree, Return of the Jedi blew. It's ill-conceived and doesn't create a satisfactory conclusion to the series. I don't play star wars games, at all. And I won't, I've been trying to bleach my mind of star wars for a long time. It's been dead for a long time.

    Posted: April 14, 2012 5:39 AM
  • ManUpMan

    And this is why we love you Steve....even if you got rid of the homeless guy look you mentioned KOTOR which doesn't get enough love now a days.... and I hope we hear something about Battlefront 3 because I would lose my mind if they announced it at E3

    Posted: April 14, 2012 2:10 AM
  • cpsisco13

    Thank you for bringing Matt back on. He brings a dimension of nerdy intelligence that is unsurpassed. I miss his and Adam's back and forth banter. You should have Adam back on as a guest along with Matt... that would be AWESOME!

    Good show... and who doesn't like Star Wars?

    Keep up the good work Blair! (gettin rid of the card was a nice touch)

    Oh Yeah, Dark Forces FTW!!!

    Posted: April 13, 2012 1:21 PM
  • mckenic

    Thank you for a thoughtful Star Wars discussion!

    Never really liked the rushed feeling of doing missions in Battlefront but was a fan of Rebel Assault & Rogue Squadron.

    I wish, I wish, I wish we could have the gameplay of TFU in a Bounty Hunter game. Ive not played every game there is but from Dark Forces on PC to Jedi Outcast and TFU/Lego games, Star Wars: Bounty Hunter and Star Wars: Republic Commando are my favourites.

    I really believe there needs to be a bad-ass bounty hunter game!
    Mandos rule!

    And while we are on the subject - a Bladerunner game based on a mash-up of Deus Ex/LA Noire and a Neuromancer movie please!


    Posted: April 13, 2012 11:33 AM
  • BoydofZINJ

    As for the Return of the Jedi thing? I loved it; however, EWOKS vs STORMTROOPERS... um... WTF EWOKS WIN?

    So, as a kid, we are told that Stormtroopers were very powerful and evil. In A New Hope movie, Obi Wan Kenobi mentioned, "...these blast points; too accurate for Sand People. Only Imperial stormtroopers are so precise."

    we also saw how these troopers took over the rebel's troops in the blockade runner. They were missing the heroes, but they had the force and the heroes of the movies. Then we fast forward to Empire Strikes Back and aagain the Imperials and their Stormtroopers push back the rebels. Anything not related to the heroes and they had an edge or won.

    In space, the rebels proved supreme. On the ground, we saw that the Imperials were the true masters. In Return of the Jedi movie, the Emporer Palpatine mentions to Luke, "An entire legion of my best troops awaits them." When the ground forces of Leia, Chewie, and Han Solo get captured you see a look of defeat when they are paraded infront of several Stormtroopers and AT-STs. There was no hope, since their only lightsaber friend, Luke, was not with them. History shows that Han Solo and crew were in trouble only a Jedi type force comes in... until George Lucas shows us the power of... EWOKS.

    As they blow their horns, even Han Solo and Chewie were confused, the Ewoks came out of hiding and within seconds started to shoot little sticks from little Ewok bows and this was enough to fell a few Stormtroopers and cause the downfall of the mighty Imperial Stormtrooper armie that we were told for years and shown that was all but unstoppable. This evil and grand military was stopped by a bunch of teddy bears called EWOKS and this one event caused the destruction of the Death Star and I was going... WTF as they throw rocks at a AT_ST and yet rocks and sticks win the day. YEAH RIGHT.

    EWOKS should not have beaten the stormtroopers or the empire.

    I sometimes cry when I see that one moment of the movie... even to this date. George Lucas defining moment on how to ruin the series... was the EWOK moment, for me.

    Posted: April 13, 2012 11:20 AM
  • Steadysoul

    I personally find that most older star wars fans are jaded.
    Everything seemed better as a kid.....than it actually was.........

    Posted: April 13, 2012 10:11 AM
  • BlizzCo

    Never seen a single Star Wars movie...and proud of it! Yay!

    Posted: April 13, 2012 9:10 AM
  • DarthSpartanTank

    This was a Death Star of an episode. keep it up. loved the star wars wisdom by matt keil and great comedy by Nikole Zivalich,Blair Herter, and Stephen Johnson. This group is perfect. I too grew up with the second trilogy and was also confused. maybe cause i was like 6 but i still liked the movie. Swords of light, Podracers, the force oh my. loved it. Didnt watch the first trilogy till years later cause nobody TOLD ME THAT IT EXISTED! But i ended loveing 4,5,& 6 even more and i was like 10. Love StarWars, love talking about it and cant get enough. But seriously, someone needs to kidnap George Lucus and force him to come out with a Battlefront 3 and/or a Republic Commando 2.

    Posted: April 13, 2012 8:18 AM
  • Silverscan

    Where's the love for Shadows of the Empire on the 64?? That was solid!!

    Posted: April 12, 2012 11:06 PM