Aliens: Colonial Marines Gameplay Preview

Posted: April 4, 2012
Aliens: Colonial Marines Gameplay Preview
Gearbox's Aliens: Colonial Marines promises to be the true sequel to Aliens and Alien 3, and Adam Sessler gets a look at story, weapons, and more.

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    Posted: May 12, 2012 5:20 PM
  • Rolentless

    As long as it's better than the AVp that came out for the consoles I'll be satisfied with the game. The only thing that made me anticipate AVP was the fact that I like the franchise. And wanted to see a good aliens game finally hit consoles. Gearbox is keeping my hopes and dreams alive for the success of this game.

    Posted: April 18, 2012 7:44 AM
  • TheCheeseUprising

    They should add some survival horror aspects to it, that would be awesome

    Posted: April 6, 2012 10:37 PM
  • GHOST7

    cant wait to play the co-op it looks like its going to be a blast

    Posted: April 5, 2012 9:31 PM
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    Posted: April 5, 2012 5:56 PM
  • lowkevmic

    Usually games that takes forever and a day to finally release ends up losing all that hype surrounding it, and it ends up being an ok game at best.

    I doubt if this will be another Duke Nukem or anything, but I don't see this game flying off the shelves during the fall when the big blockbuster games are released.

    Posted: April 5, 2012 4:06 PM
  • Halfbreedninja

    the game looks good but one slight problem, Hadley's hope was destroyed in aliens and the Sulaco isn't near LV 426 it was on it's way home going past a penal colony. I don't mean to gripe but if you're going to call something a "true sequel" at least get the facts right.

    Posted: April 5, 2012 3:00 PM
  • Cell34

    I agree with the post above stating that AVP2 was great. Not only was it great, and personally my favorite shooter ever created for any platform, but it is easily the best Aliens/Predator game ever made. Although I will give props to AVP for the Atari Jaguar since the game was pretty fun when it came out despite being horribly outdated now.

    With that said, I was very excited when I heard about Colonial Marines being made twelve thousand years ago. I couldn't wait to play it. But now that I am seeing the trailers, I am just angry that I got excited about it. I mean, the smartgun animations look very jerky and laughably bad, the blood looks horrible, and do you really need to create a new class of Aliens? No. Everyone always tries to make a new Alien and they are always dumber than the last.

    At this point I wish they would stop trying to make new Aliens games since no one seems to have any clue how to do that and instead would just port over the old AVP2 with maybe some updated graphics. But you know what? Even without updated graphics I would still rather have AVP2 on my 360 than this turd.

    Thanks a lot Gearbox. You suck.


    Posted: April 5, 2012 4:24 AM
  • TheGlue29

    I really...REALLY want this game to be awesome.

    ...it's just too bad...:(

    Posted: April 4, 2012 9:25 PM
  • Vepaot

    "There's been a slew of video games based on the Alien movies over the years. And while some have been fun to play, none have truly measured up to the thrill, violence, and suspense of the original ground breaking sci-fi horror films."

    Seriously? I hate to be "that guy", but come on man. Aliens vs Predator 2 for the PC did a fantastic job of covering most of the bases from the original Alien mythos, and the human campaign kept you on edge with a ready trigger finger at all times. I know it also had predators in it, but it was set in the Alien universe, with ships, vehicles, and planets modeled after ones from the movie, weapons like the pulse rifle and smart gun were also featured in it, etc.

    Posted: April 4, 2012 9:00 PM
  • Alien_Number_Six

    I don't care how long it is delayed as long as the finished game is worth it;

    Posted: April 4, 2012 7:41 PM
  • macross2012

    Looks really great but this game has been delayed for so many years and so many times that I wonder if we will ever see it.

    Posted: April 4, 2012 5:31 PM