Mass Effect 3 "Multiplayer Strategy - Enemies" Video

Posted: March 16, 2012
Mass Effect 3 "Multiplayer Strategy - Enemies" Video
Senior Combat Designer Corey Gaspur and Gameplay Designer Eric Fagnan walk you through some of the various enemies you'll be facing in Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer with some strategies for overcoming the odds and reaching full extraction.

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  • carnage4u

    I do enjoy the multiplayer aspect of ME3. /of course I hate the ending.. but to be honest the multiplayer is FUN. :)

    Posted: March 19, 2012 10:08 AM
  • TheSavoyTuffle

    The only thing I have a problem with in this game are the new people that barely just started playing Mass Effect. They don't know what powers to use and what they're for. They play it like Gears of War. Hopefully they'll learn to use their powers right.

    Posted: March 18, 2012 7:48 PM
  • spence921

    I am personally loving the ME3 multiplayer. It is simple but there is a lot of strategy needed to survive, esp on silver/gold. There are so many combinations of weapons and characters that make you want to keep playing to unlock them all.

    Posted: March 18, 2012 5:24 AM
  • DrowNoble

    The ME3 multiplayer weekend is what is known in PR circles as a "faux olive branch". EA gives you something nice and free to distract you from the outcry over the ending of ME3. Looks like the PR damage control is now gearing up their own war assets.

    Posted: March 17, 2012 3:21 PM
  • Evanesque

    I freaking hate how Gaspur talks.

    Posted: March 16, 2012 10:14 PM
  • Onikoga

    I keep getting kicked from EA's server

    Posted: March 16, 2012 8:39 PM
  • travelmaps

    sorry to flame... but i just needed vent..

    Posted: March 16, 2012 5:48 PM
  • travelmaps

    its simple the most important enemy in me3 is the set of endings that are identical and have nothing to do with anything you've ever done in the game! wooooooo yeaaahhh! i also really enjoyed in indiana jones when he fought the nazis to (enter me3 dev's) drink out of a clown shoe that made the nazis take over europe asia and africa only to wipe out every bit of ocean on the planet. so god damn cool. only thing that could have made it better is if he found the aliens sooner. yeah. awesome.

    Posted: March 16, 2012 5:24 PM