Mass Effect 3 Space Edition Recap Video

Posted: March 13, 2012
Mass Effect 3 Space Edition Recap Video
To celebrate Commander Shepard's war to take Earth back, Mass Effect 3 was launched into Earth's upper atmosphere on a historic voyage. Check out the recap video of Mass Effect 3 Space Edition to see history being made.

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  • RaoulSDuke

    Dear idiots out there,

    The ending made me sad....but it gave a conclusion to the series that couldn't of been given any other way. I almost came to tears several times during the game, and damn near did at the end because I wanted the happy ending. But there is a way to get him to live, you just work harder at it. While you want to complain that it is the 'galaxy of war' aspect, well...your relationships are what make that happen. Just as it was with ME2 and you having to make your crew put their trust in you. You have to do that on a grander scale, and you want to throw that out and say...'it's not my decision.' Sure it is, you can go against many civilizations in the game and still complete the game. Your decision, not some BS you're trying to play it off as.

    And there is no 'own picture' as I am just reading now. You read a book, unless you're reading a 'choose your own adventure' book...you don't choose. Mind you, even in those you don't choose the ending perfectly to how you like it, you choose the decisions you make up to the ending. For instance, while playing ME2...Tali died on me during the ending mission, she put her trust in me (the red circle you see) and she was even my romantic interest in the game...and she still died, I didn't put her into any situation that should of gotten her killed...but she died. Ok, I redo the game so that I can get the ending I want. You can have the 'somewhat' happy ending if you do enough work, get over the fact that you have to do work and yet still there is an ending that isn't all the way happy as you want it, if you don't like it sell the fing game and never play a bioware game again. Trust me, they won't fing give two hoots as I don't give two hoots at you not playing it anymore.

    An example where the fans changed the outlook on a series, Transformers, people were so upset at Optimus dying in the movie (1985) that they brought him back in the series later. Guess what, he died again. Why? Because the story had moved on from him. There is a new chapter to be written about Rodimus Prime, just as there is a new chapter to be written about Mass Effect. And why you all want to think that the Normandy wasn't around Earth amazes me. Yeah it looks different but at the same time Earth is different after all that happened. So who is to say it is not? Did you go and ask the developers specifically? Do you know one? Best buddies? Oh, no? So you don't know why but you're going to complain instead of taking that level you say got taken away from you, that sandbox to make your own picture, and say it is your fault that I believe something that I don't want to.

    No sir, it is your fault. Great game, I agree fully with what Adam has said. I especially love the obscure reference to the Charles Dickens work. I never realized you were so versed Adam, I appreciate that to no end.

    Get over it people, work harder, or go sell the fing game. I'll own this game forever, probably play it over and over again as I have FF7. I am left with questions that I have no doubt will be answered sooner or later, but if you want to bitch and cry and complain...look at how Liara handles learning about the Protheans. Because that is how you should take it, instead of crying about how your 'romantic' view of what it should be....isn't what it is.

    Posted: March 13, 2012 9:26 PM
  • xFlamexOfxHellx

    It's hard to explain my dissapointment in the ending.

    Posted: March 13, 2012 6:26 PM
  • Skalywag

    Would also like to add that I ve got nothing against Bioware in any way. I have been a loyal and diehard fan of the company ever since I played Knights of the Old Republic back in the day.They ve always had my respect as one of the few gaming developers who ve listened and truly cared about their fans. A team that has always striven to give gamers nothing less than the best RPG experience they could.

    This is why I was so shocked by how the game ended. It seemed out of place for the mass effect series as well as Bioware themselves. I felt like they didn t stay true to what the mass effect games were about in those critical last moments of the story. That we were cheated out of endings that were truly unique to the experiences our main characters had been through.

    Posted: March 13, 2012 4:36 PM
  • Skalywag

    Would like to go ahead and say that I ve been a huge fan of the Mass Effect games since the minute I began playing the first one back in 2007. Just like the past two, I loved ME3 to death. Up until the final moments anyway.

    I don t have much gripe with anything other than the ending itself. I m not angry because the endings were too dark or because main characters died. I m angry because the grand finale doesn t reflect your decisions from earlier in the game or those of the previous titles. The highest achievable endings were basically the same thing with small variations. And none of the endings have any sort of cinematic or epilogue showing the long lasting consequences of most of your decisions. This is a feature of the games that has made them most popular, and a lot of fans feel like it was abandoned where it should have shined most.

    On top of all this, the endings have a lot of unanswered questions and holes that leave gamers without full closure, and confused about what just happened.

    Posted: March 13, 2012 4:35 PM
  • wormywolf

    Adam, What happened in the mass effect 3 ending?
    I'm confused, I feel like shepherd's story was taking from it and it went into a weird place, remember the ending of rosanne? Or the... strange places matrix in its sequels? It similarly odd, its a massive ball drop in story telling? Still the question is what happened?


    The relays blew up, did everyone die? Did the explosion do any damage? it had to of... the normandy was taking damage from it, regardless of its color... why is my ground team from london on the normandy, whos this little kid, why does his explanation not make any sense about synthetics/organics constantly seeking genocide against each other when you just came out of the geth/quarian thing? Why does Shepherd just accept this explanation? If the citidel controls the reapers why couldn't i have just smacked this kid and told the fleet to turn their guns on it? Whats with the old man and the child? Did the crew of the Normandy populate a new planet and start civilization over? Why do they call him "the shepherd" is he like the jesus of that civilization now? Is that how hes famous? What happened!?! I'm confused.... If the mass relay explosions didn't blow up the whole galaxy why was it effecting the Normandy? Why did Joker go Awol? Did he get a warning about this explosion? Is Earth still there? It couldn't be there, not only was there a relay near earth there was the citidel too.. the explosion would've destroyed the enitre Sol system as well as.... oh my god... someone tell me what happened!!! Games are art, but not in the sense of a picture, or a novel, games like mass effect are art becuase they give us a sandbox to paint our own picture, to write our own novel, for whatever reason they took our control of that away in the last 15 minutes.

    Posted: March 13, 2012 1:42 PM