Valentine's Day Gift Guide with Grace Helbig

Posted: February 14, 2012
Valentine's Day Gift Guide with Grace Helbig

Confused, lost and puzzled over what to do about Valentine's Day? Grace Helbig knows how you feel. That's why she brings her special Valentine's Day guide on the best and most inappropriate gifts for that special someone, like perfumes, aphrodisiacs and...babies?

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  • jesture

    I sense a disturbance [raises a brow] an indirect comment reply.

    Branding, Marketing and Demographics oh my, I am quite aware, when I made my comment, of the potential viewers that can be swayed over to watch G4 / AOTS with Grace, the 122, 548 YouTube subscribers not to mention Daily Graces tumblr followers and the countless expanding web of likes and reblogs.

    No, that s right, not everything has to revolve around video games on a video game channel, [shrug] you whoever said that. Although, this is a gaming culture, right? A subculture shared worldwide with its own nuances and idiosyncrasies a language of its own, a community that along with video games inarguably coalesces with comic books, technology / gadgets, internet and film, just to name few.

    Ricky Garvis, Louis CK, and who get forget Mitch Hedberg, as well as two comedians that withstand the test of the time the late George Carlin and Bill Hicks, all comically controversial respectively. Their observations are funny without being condescending or belittling, for the most part. But, eh humor, what we choose or more importantly what we involuntarily laugh at, is subjective.

    As a correspondent go, I think there are far more appropriate choices. Alexis Knapp, sure she is a model and may just turn out be a talking head ( a very pretty one) but I did denote a bit of adlib when she was on Project Lore, hence a sense of humor and she plays WoW (a night elf hunter I believe, /dance) or she did. Mememolly, from Rocketboom, she plays the Sims. Caitlin Hill did you see her video review on the iPad, now I was lol irl.

    I wasn t being facetious when I wished Grace best wishes, in her personal endeavors or at G4. Have her on AOTS, if it gets to TMZ there are other game related channels I can go to Kotaku, Gamasuta or developer s websites. I never said that she was not drolly; I am just not convinced that Grace is part of the gaming culture, speaks the language , at this moment; hence the invitation.

    I m not sure what to think of Candace Bailey just yet as a co-host, pretty I know that, but she is just as drolly and she fits more into that Freaks & Geeks genre appeal, so she has far less convincing. Sara Underwood, she plays video game and she is a girl automatic in. no she does I read the article her AOTS Host profile no serious I did. oh c mon, grow up.

    But hey Grace don t wanna accept the challenge and play in the Tyria sandox and G4, self-ordained ambassador of most trusted resource of games don t want to man-up, whatevs, its cool, life goes on.

    Posted: February 15, 2012 10:28 PM
  • SandboxFTW

    Grace Helbig is the best, I love her! Only reason I come to G4, and I've played lots of MMORPG's...

    First of all the this video is about valentines day, not gaming. Just because Grace doesn't game, doesn't mean she isn't bringing viewers to AOTS. There's loads of gaming videos, everything in your life doesn't have to evolve around that...
    I love all the videos from Grace on aots/G4, she's not afraid to be controversial, she makes up her own stuff, and she's hot. Would like to see more people like her, going their own way.

    And I love the way she makes fun of the commercialized Valentines Day, she's comedy GOLD, I lol'ed irl wathcing this video :D

    So scr*w the haters Grace, we need more women like you :)

    Posted: February 15, 2012 6:31 AM
  • rhinoxx5

    Sorry to say but outside of Sara, Morgan & Blair, the "woman stock factor" has declined on G4.... GET OLIVIA BACK!!!!!! A disappointed and disgusted viewer.....

    Posted: February 15, 2012 4:20 AM
  • jesture

    C mon, FFS. Please stop; just stop encouraging Grace Helbig from appearing in front of the camera for AOTS, or G4 for that matter, all I can think of is that Sesame Street song... one of these things, is not like the other every time she is on G4 channel. I have to resort to only watching [sniff] the MMO Report (great show by the way).

    Look, I wish Grace all the best, I really do sort of, kind of maybe, she s the kind of gal that probably wouldn t give me the time of day let alone spit on me and look, I really wish her all the best, I really do. But this grrl cant and doesn t even want to play video games what [places hand to ear], what was that oh no, don t even, no you didn t you didn t just mention the Grace & Michelle videos where she s pretending to play on the Xbox and just stops playing altogether.

    Controller vibration was turned off, need I say more. But I digress.

    In fact, if I recall correctly I invited Grace to play World of Warcraft (pre Panda) with me via her tumblr, I recommended she could play as a tank. I m not angry that she didn t, I expected her response and she didn t have a clue.

    Now she in on G4 AOTS, psssh queue in Madame Tussuad. Her appearance would make more sense if it wasn t on G4, if AOTS was, say on TMZ or Fox News ( you ve just been hazed ). For someone, Grace, that pseudo hazes people I would think that it would be only proper for Grace to be hazed into the gaming community.

    That s right I m calling this Grace faux out. Let s see ok, maybe try this one, when GW2 is officially released I am again extending my invite to Grace to play an MMORPG with me however this time, and it should be quite obvious by now, it s going to be GW2. She can choose (a) to adventure through the sandbox of Tyria with me and three of her friends if she likes or (b) prepare for a MMORPG smack down (in a completely fictional sense in a alternate digital reality , of course), in PvP combat where I choose my team

    Bring it! You choose your team Grace Helbig, or make me a sammich then GTFO. If she isn t there just get it over with and unplug G4 and no I m not talking about playing boxed games like Connect Four or Chutes and Ladders on MTV unplugged.

    All my best, XO

    Posted: February 14, 2012 7:25 PM
  • BuddTX

    HD version plays all the way thru, the SD stops at 35 seconds.

    Grace Helbig, you should be EVERYONE's valentine! Could I be more turned on by that mussell, clam, banana, pudding red wine souflet! It just screems "copulate"!

    Posted: February 14, 2012 3:32 PM
  • BuddTX

    This video will not play past 35 seconds.

    Awesome video, please fix!

    Posted: February 14, 2012 1:41 PM