Candace Bailey Looks Back at a Year on AOTS

Posted: January 11, 2012
Candace Bailey Looks Back at a Year on AOTS

The wonderful and talented Candace Bailey takes a look back at her first year as the official host of Attack of the Show and talks about what it's been like doing live TV with Kevin Pereira, elaborates on how she formed a special bond with Sara Underwood, shares her favorite moments, and discusses how AOTS has made her more open to new experiences.

See Candace's One-Year On-Air Celebration!

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  • MaelStrom_

    if she�s leaving im leaving

    Posted: January 12, 2012 5:26 AM
  • PDX...

    I look forward to seeing more of you Candey... X

    Posted: January 11, 2012 7:51 PM
  • killzoneveteran

    I love kevin P ! hes awesome ! but i love you too Candace & Sara (:

    Posted: January 11, 2012 6:55 PM
  • Chunky_2336

    if remember right from my childhood, she was also a host for Nick,

    Posted: January 11, 2012 6:54 PM
  • Stomu

    Looks like you had fun. To bad I have Direct TV and couldn't see any of it.

    Posted: January 11, 2012 5:51 PM