The Best Gaming Moments of 2011

Posted: December 27, 2011
The Best Gaming Moments of 2011
Since 2011 is coming to an end it's time reflect on the greatest gaming moments of this year and feel great about being a gamer.

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  • vampireslayer83

    I think we can all agree that Dom's death in Gears 3 was probably one of the best moments of this year. It was moving and actually rather sad. I think the Arkham City moment picked wasn't the best one. I actually think when you put on the suit for the first time in the game is the best moment. You feel like you're actually going to be Batman at that moment and it just picks up from there. Also Link gaining the Master Sword was a pivotal moment, but not the best one from Skyward Sword. I actually think that Zelda revealing that she was Hylia and that she needed to stay behind for 1000 years was a better moment or even video right before the final battle that reveals Demise. That's just my opinion though.

    Posted: December 28, 2011 5:52 AM
  • crocodilius

    so...codmod3 thinks its duke nukem or something?
    i dont get it...the guy happens to have a cigar and...
    see, this is why i dont play modern shooters, wtf?

    Posted: December 28, 2011 5:12 AM
  • Luck702

    Would watch but have no idea what games are involved : x. Maybe edit a list of titles in Leah?

    Posted: December 28, 2011 3:47 AM
  • fancywords

    This is cool and all but most of these are just the Best "cut scenes" of 2011

    Posted: December 28, 2011 3:37 AM
  • RuinedXJosh

    I liked the scene where Ezio found Altair's body sitting in the chair more than that one.

    Dom's death was a sad moment that gave me chills and left me with a hollow feeling. I would've given the ending to Gears 3 the best moment, because it's not really happy, but at least it's not depressing.

    I'm glad they included the stick a needle in your eye scene from Dead Space 2. Out of all the scenes and deaths, that must have been hard to pick.

    I think there were much better Skyrim moments than that. The trailer would've been more suited than that.

    Link got a better sword...again.

    That DC Universe scene was bad ass.

    I loved the Dragon Age II scene, but was disappointed that you couldn't use both magic and weapons on the same character in it.

    Posted: December 28, 2011 2:49 AM
  • miceonthebrain.

    Seriously guys this post had a spoiler warning, some of the comments are shown on the first page of the website. Not everybody has played and finished Gears 3, a spoiler alert would have been nice for some of these posts.

    Posted: December 28, 2011 1:14 AM
  • jaxqet

    Dom's death the best gaming moment of 2011? Are you joking LOL? I was extremely disappointed how they developed Dom's character in Gears 1 and 2, and then barely paid attention to him in Gears 3. Half-way through the game I had forgotten that Dom was still even in the game. You guys act like the way they wrote Dom's death is on the level of Shakespeare; it had to be one of the biggest letdowns how an icon in the Gears story was ignored in the final game.

    Posted: December 28, 2011 1:01 AM

    doms death has to be the most well done job in a videogame ever that will stay with me forever thank you dom for being the greatest character in video game history and thank u carlos ferro for making him who he is

    Posted: December 27, 2011 11:23 PM
  • expiredzues1

    the batman arkham city cutscene, gears of war 3 cutscenes, and portal 2 cutscenes made me cry, not just because they were so well done, but because i realized my favorite games (some of the best of all time) were coming to an end, i guess i can look forward to the next batman though. well done g4!

    Posted: December 27, 2011 10:28 PM
  • Spybreak

    Deus Ex had some pretty epic cutscenes and story. The Gears 3 part was epic and it wasn't even the final ending cutscene, that game is awesome.

    Posted: December 27, 2011 9:01 PM
  • Deato9000

    So many great games

    Posted: December 27, 2011 8:52 PM
  • NeutraVega

    Not gonna watch the entire 30 minute video. Just answer me - is tank skydiving from Saints Row in here?

    If not, then fail.

    Posted: December 27, 2011 8:48 PM
  • wick3d1

    we will all remember dom's sacrifice. i think this had the most meaning behind it because dom and marcus were together throughout all 3 games. long live the COG

    Posted: December 27, 2011 6:44 PM
  • WoWaddict142

    The MW3 part mad me feel like i did when i first played it.. satisifed. Though Im a little sad and a little happy the death scene of Soap wasn't picked cause that gets me everytime.

    Posted: December 27, 2011 6:20 PM
  • blackmoses

    this is why im proud to be a gamer, nerd, geek, or whatever. this collection of games and all the others are why gamers are close to each other. sure we may have different views on games and what they should be like but we all fundamentally love videogames for what they are. 2011 has probably been the best year in videogames, atleast thats what i personally believe.

    Posted: December 27, 2011 6:17 PM
  • bigbrawler

    I don't know. To me, a gaming moment has to do with playing the game, not watching a cinematic. Like, for example, while playing DW Gundam 3 (I know it's probably going to get a lot of hate), a mobile suit blew up after I kicked it in the butt. That was a gaming moment to me. Or the various takedowns in Batman: Arkham City. Or in Skyrim, when I shot an arrow (while in stealth) and it hit several bandits at once.

    Posted: December 27, 2011 6:12 PM
  • DJG228

    Ezio. Nuff said

    Posted: December 27, 2011 5:40 PM
  • natevaldez

    i have never played gears but wow that was deep, next i will have to say dead island (imo) 2011 best year of video games ^_^

    Posted: December 27, 2011 5:36 PM
  • Tacoburger99

    Even tho it was not in the game. The Dead Island Trailer was so sad.... How could you not cry

    Posted: December 27, 2011 5:20 PM
  • Takingpower

    i still get goosebumps from Dom's death scene

    Posted: December 27, 2011 4:48 PM