Samsung Plasma 8000 Series Smart TV Review

Posted: December 14, 2011
Samsung Plasma 8000 Series Smart TV Review

The Samsung PN59D8000 Plasma television comes backed with features in a super thin design that measures only 1.5" deep. Throw in Samsung’s Smart hub, and this TV also has access to Hulu and Netflix for endless entertainment. Kevin Pereira and Candace Bailey review the TV for Gadget Pr0n.

What You Need To Know

  • Samsung's D8000 series comes in 51", 59" and 64" sizes and this is the 59" version.
  • The design features a reduced silver and clear bezel.
  • The TV is a great size which is big without being too big.
  • The base is their 4 leg version and it's not our favorite as we'd rather see a solid base.
  • The TV weighs 67 lbs and you can wall mount it.
  • We didn't find glare to be an issue with the glossy screen.
  • The remote has a nice compact design, which seems like the most concise way of having 105 buttons on a remote.
  • There's a full QWERTY keyboard for browsing the web or using the App store.
  • There's also a little LCD window that shows what you've typed.
  • The Samsung features access to the web and apps through the Yahoo! app store and the design is much cleaner.
  • You can access apps from the menu screen.
  • This Samsung TV has the most apps we've seen yet on a television and it even has its own web browser.
  • The browser interface is a little clunky.
  • This TV also features 3D capabilities but with active glasses which you have to charge.
  • The 3D looked great and is some of the best we've seen with minimal ghosting.
  • The 2D-3D up conversation was subtle and as a result, looked better than most.
  • The real star of the TV is the 2D picture.
  • It's a plasma with deep black levels and amazing color reproduction.
  • The display is 600 Hz and refreshes 20 times per second.
  • The motion blur is smoother than the LG Insignia TV with little to no artifacting.
  • Connecting a PC through VGA gave us an exceptionally sharp and clear image.
  • The viewing angle is nearly 170 degrees.


  • $1,800 from Amazon.


  • 5 Seals of Approval out of 5. (How do we rate gadgets?)
  • The 2D image was one of the best we've seen.
  • The 3D was great if you want it.

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