Best of 2011: Best Multiplayer Game

Posted: December 14, 2011
Best of 2011: Best Multiplayer Game
X-Play presents the Best of 2011 Award for Best Multiplayer Game. The nominees are Assassin's Creed: Revelations, Battlefield 3, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Dark Souls, and Gears of War 3.

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  • lschlutt73

    you guys are fired! seriously, how much did Activision pay you for that review? 100% pure corporate propaganda AKA pure bs. Their are more people online playing bf3 than any other game right now. And once close quaters comes out, COD will be a thing of the past. Seriously, anyone with an iq of 1 could do a better job than you guys. COD mw3 is mind numbing, Robert Bowling needs to be fired, Activision took over and Infinity ward and Treyarch hasnt created a new engine since. BF BC2 new engine, BF3 again! new engine! beautiful game, best multiplayer of the year and this year. Go fly a kite retards!

    Posted: March 26, 2012 6:56 AM
  • Quinnas

    I hate how everybody never talks about battlefield 3 modern wafare is a pice of crap and the thing is in battle field there are no hackers and moders. I was a die hard call of duty fan but mw3 just ruined it for me

    Posted: March 14, 2012 7:11 PM
  • dookie403

    Of COURSE MW3 won! G4 has been on their jock for years. It'll be impossible to beat that game in Xplays eyes, even tho all it is is freakin'map packs. No variety.

    Posted: March 13, 2012 10:17 AM
  • drspeedmore

    mw3? what a piece of shat game.

    Posted: March 13, 2012 12:47 AM
  • Attractedvirus

    NOBODY HAS SAID ANYTHING ABOUT BATTLEFIELD 3 for its amazing graphics and best multiplayer of all time and will always be number 1........UNLESS they made another Battlefield.........walls explode, MW3 has none.....BF3 has helicopters but MW3 doesnt......it takes skill to play BF3.......sorry everyone, i just love the BATTLEFIELD franchise. If you do agree please press the thumbs up

    Posted: January 17, 2012 5:42 PM
  • oipluckie

    I don't understand how MW3 won. I've always tried the MW games before judging it and it's the same thing all over again. My nephews who love the COD franchise stopped playing MW3 a few days later, telling me it's pretty much the same game. Everything in that game is so horrible especially the hitbox.

    Critics judging other games saying, "Oh this game is just a repetition of its predecessor." Then taking off like 2-3 points just for that. When a new COD game comes out and it's pretty much the same game, but oh wait it gets an almost perfect score from most critics.

    I love COD but after COD MW it just lost its flavor. The other games trump COD.

    Posted: January 7, 2012 8:12 PM
  • MickeyDeeeeezz

    Wow yo all u ppl annoy me, its crazy how much all the fanboys for bf stalk all this. COD won for a reason it is the best FPS out there and satisfies most. You can have ur opinion on which u like best which there is nothing wrong with that, but this game has just been the best. They get tons of votes and more ppl voted for cod so just deal with it, its not the end of the world bf and gears will win stuff too, do u know ur job? gtfo ur computer, stop whining, and go get ur PS3, xbox or if u play on PC pop it in and play all 3 games... its not that hard geez

    Posted: January 5, 2012 3:29 PM
  • antmanlav

    Well, Tony Hawk was exactly like this, wasn't it? Do not worry people, it cannot last.............

    Posted: December 31, 2011 2:40 AM
  • treyman28726

    even the perks and weapon leveling system look rushed and pointless. the have a whole level for diffrent red dots and why is quickdraw pro not work like sleight of hand pro and visa versa

    Posted: December 27, 2011 12:17 AM
  • NinjaReedy

    they just wanted to give an award to bf3, gears, and cod but i find it annoying that they gave this to mw3. i just got it and wanted to return it.

    Posted: December 25, 2011 1:53 PM
  • andrewka75

    At the spike Video Game awards at the end of the year, Battlefield 3 will win best multiplayer.

    Posted: December 23, 2011 5:46 PM
  • baman2113

    i'm finding it increasingly difficult to trust anything anyone says based on games. i'm tired of listening to other people complain about one game over another and i'm tired of constant arguing between Cod fanboys and BF3 fanboys. just play your respective game and don't worry about complaining about when your game doesn't get every single award imaginable. having played both they are both good games. just play the game. that's what gamers are suppose to do.

    Posted: December 23, 2011 5:33 PM
  • treyman28726

    How is mw3 innovative?it stole a lot from homefront and is completely laggy lacks fluidity and has no balance bf3 isnt perfect but come on they even said it had better multiplayer. I'm going to machinma instead of this craP.GOW3 won best multiplayer for their awards

    Posted: December 23, 2011 2:57 AM
  • patritos-1_

    mw3 got good reviews all over the internet. Everyone dislikes this because people love to hate it because it is so succesful and has been number 1 for a long time

    Posted: December 22, 2011 10:27 AM
  • Rusty559

    I can tell G4s pockets got a lot fatter from this segment.
    Everyone know BattleField was a much better game, even gears is better.
    I know when these G4 actors are reading from a script or just talking, and this was all a pre written script. I imagine Activision paid G4 a nice bit for this award, plus there chance at some great advertising space.
    If you have yet to play BF3, because you bought into the CoD hype, save yourself the agony of waisting your money on their dlc, when you could spend it on a truly good game, BF3.

    Posted: December 20, 2011 12:35 PM
  • Wildchair

    MW3 "works in every way"??? Seriously? I haven't played a game with so many issues from lag and their stupid "lag compensation", to dropped connections in nearly a decade. G4 was the only remaining place I thought I could trust reviews but it seems you've joined the hype machine with the rest of them.

    Posted: December 20, 2011 10:26 AM
  • Gamemaniac007

    another paid off award. How can this beat BF3 or GOW3. Better yet, how does this even beat Killzone 3 that was not even nominated. To all the sites, including this which I thought it was more reasonable(not any more)STOP praizing COD. By doing this, they will launch the same game next year because they (Activision) are not under pressure to even evolve this game. and you are helping them. it is like poisening all these kids their empty heads with CODititis. it's a virus and you are spreading it.

    Posted: December 19, 2011 2:46 PM
  • cwatididthere

    jeez... No-scoping Robert Bowling's nose would be cake.

    Posted: December 17, 2011 11:47 AM
  • EvilShenanigans

    Nice guys. It seems I can't trust G4 anymore when I know for a fact MW3 is the same game as 2, yet it beats BF3 who has a completely new engine and is a way better experience, period. G4, you have lost legitimacy to this user.

    Posted: December 17, 2011 11:18 AM
  • cpt.bipto1

    I have to dissagree with this choice for obvious reasons. I think it should have been either Battlefield 3 or Gears of War 3. I have All Three, and yes the truth is COD has a better single player campaign the Battlefield (lets be honest) but not better than Gears. And no way is the multiplayer better than either of them. I don't get stuck for hours upon hours on COD, it's Gears and BF3 that have me losing sleep and sneaking naps at work. I'm also not hating on COD either cause it does rock sack, but I think this is favoritism all the way. Sorry x-play but you get a 2 out of 5 on this one. Meh, all will be forgotten by next week anyway I just had to expess my opinion.

    Posted: December 16, 2011 3:56 PM