Sony Alpha NEX-5N Digital Camera Review

Posted: December 8, 2011
Sony Alpha NEX-5N Digital Camera Review

The Sony Alpha Nex-5N digital camera could make the perfect holiday gift with its 16.1 mega pixels, AVCHD 1080/60p or 24p HD shooting, Sweep Panorama mode and a 3" LCD. But do all the features live up to expectations? Kevin Pereira and Candace Bailey find out on Gadget Pr0n.

What You Need To Know

  • The Sony Alpha NEX-5N is an update from the NEx-5 with an even slimmer body.
  • The camera feels small in the hands and can come off as uncomfortable when shooting for long periods.
  • The body does feel sturdy for its size.
  • The display tilts a couple ways which is nice.
  • The touch screen can be a little tricky sometimes but you can use it along with physical buttons to perform a lot of the menu selections.
  • This is a 16.1 megapixel camera but it's much smaller than the Nikon D5100.
  • This is Sony's version of the micro four thirds system, which was created by Olympus and Panasonic.
  • The NEX-5N doesn’t use mirrors or optical viewfinders and instead relies on the LCD to show you what the camera sees.
  • Without the mirrors, the body can be much smaller.
  • As a result, this camera body is only 1.5" thick.
  • The NEX-5N come the Sony E-Mount lenses but you can use your own Sony Alpha SLR lenses with an adapter.
  • The lens that ships with the NEX-5N is an 18-55mm lens and hood, as well as a removable flash.
  • It's a great lens for an everyday camera.
  • This camera can shoot 1080p video at a whopping 60 fps, which really smoothes out the image.
  • You can also shoot at a variety of resolutions: 1080p or 1080I.
  • You can even capture as an mp4 file and record stereo sound.
  • The video looked really sharp with good color and nice contrast.
  • We should mention that when these were first released, there was an issue with the clicking sound that the camera made while recording video but we have not experienced that.
  • The 16.1 megapixel photos were excellent.
  • The color was very accurate and did not come off as too saturated like some other micro four thirds cameras we've used.
  • There were low noise levels in various lighting conditions.
  • Outside images looked beautiful but sometimes that glare from the sun was a bit much on the LCD.
  • We played with the macro settings and were able to get some great shots.


  • $700


  • 4 Seals of Approval out of 5 (How do we rate gadgets?)
  • The Sony Alpha NEX-5N is a very good camera and relatively expensive.
  • The size being smaller means a whole new set of lenses have to be purchased unless you get the adapter.
  • Bottom line: if you are looking for a step up from a point and shoot but aren't ready for a DSLR, this will be a great option.

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  • shadowlight

    "This is Sony's version of the micro four thirds system, which was created by Olympus and Panasonic."

    Very, very inaccurate.

    To keep it simple, it should have been," This is similar to the micro four thirds system, which was created by Olympus and Panasonic, but it uses a much larger sensor"

    Which is does. It's twice as large...lots of difference.

    Apart from that, cool review!

    Posted: December 11, 2011 5:26 AM