The Coolest Limited Print T-Shirts

Posted: November 16, 2011
The Coolest Limited Print T-Shirts

When it comes to fashion, wearing a design that no one else has is always in. That's why we're checking out these limited edition t-shirt websites that print only a select number of designs for 24 hours to 4 days, like TeeFury.com, Qwertee and Nowhere Bad.

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  • Jammadoi

    I found another cool t shirts site , they had a great dexter design , darkly dexter cool, ! Teebusters.com

    Posted: April 13, 2012 1:16 PM
  • Prosthetic_Lips

    I looked at these sites, and liked some of the previous designs, I'll probably buy some that I like in the future. However, I also found another site (and bought a shirt already!):


    They had a great Dr Who / The Who mashup (the one I bought), and have previewed a sweet "Link collecting rupees" (Zelda series) t-shirt. OtherTees is a 4-day site (like Nowhere Bad), so I don't have to check every single day -- or feel like I have to buy now or else it is gone. I'm not really an impulse kind of guy!

    (PS: Attention Moderators -- I understand the policy is "no advertising links" but since the whole segment was for t-shirt sites, I thought this was appropriate. If not, please mod me! I'm not an owner / affiliate, I just wanted to add to the list of t-shirt sites.)

    Posted: November 29, 2011 3:19 AM
  • zort70

    I only just realised but the URL for Qwertee.com is not correct on the caption at the start of the Qwertee segment, just in case anyone is confused it is -


    Posted: November 17, 2011 10:14 AM
  • zort70

    A friend with very sharp eyes spotted my shirt in this video, so thanks very much for featuring it.

    I especially love the placement over the Union Jack :-)

    Posted: November 17, 2011 12:40 AM
  • perdita00

    Thanks for featuring my Stay Shiny Firefly tee ( tee at the very end of the vid ).

    Posted: November 17, 2011 12:17 AM
  • zerobriant

    Awesome thanks for featuring some of my designs, and my favorite tee-a-day sites :D Many of my fellow artist are just as excited when they saw their works on G4 TV!! My designs were at 00:20 and 00:37..:D you should look at Shirtpunch.com, they are new but cool as well :D cheers!!

    Posted: November 16, 2011 9:49 PM
  • Quakerninja

    Thank you for featuring some indy shirts. I'm an indy tee designer and avid tee collector. Appreciate it.

    Posted: November 16, 2011 6:18 PM