Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 "Phoenix Wright, Nova, & Rocket Raccoon" Preview

Posted: November 3, 2011
Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 "Phoenix Wright, Nova, & Rocket Raccoon" Preview
Eliver "Killer Kai" Ling and Ernie Moreno take a close look at the new features in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 and give a basic tutorial for Phoenix Wright, Nova, and Rocket Raccoon.

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  • Arameth5k


    First, the game is not $59. It's only going to go for $39.

    Secondly, this 'new' game is actually what was originally supposed to be the DLC for MvC3 until the earthquake/tsunami hit Japan at the beginning of the year.

    Finally, how can you connect to an old'er' version of the game when the game has been completely re-worked to be better? Why would anyone want to if the new version is better?

    I understand what you were trying to say, but do your research into WHY you hate something before you hate it. Be informed, please.

    Posted: November 11, 2011 1:51 PM
  • sataricon

    This sucks.
    What they did is that they released the game 9 month ago with no futures what so ever and then they refused to update it or even balance the game.
    Then they shell out this one 9 month later with half what street fighter already have and to add salt to the injury you can't connect or play against those who have the first one thought it's nearly the same game.
    So those of us that have got the first one have to pay another 50$ to be able to connect because the online mode in the first one is broken.
    100$+ for a game isn't worth it and i hope no one picks this up...won't happen but what can i say except we got scamed?

    Posted: November 6, 2011 4:22 AM
  • ratty913

    Nice looking game. And Rocket racoon, is one sexy anthro too. I hope to see more for the furrie class of people withen our nation to have more suport , for the fandom , cause humans suck.

    Posted: November 4, 2011 8:42 PM