Sessler's Soapbox: Battlefield is Beautiful but Boring

Posted: November 1, 2011
Sessler's Soapbox: Battlefield is Beautiful but Boring
Adam discusses how Battlefield 3 is a beautiful game with incredible multiplayer, but the single player campaign left him wanting more.

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  • torres00

    my reveiw of adam sessler take,s himself to seriously and is borring.

    Posted: November 4, 2011 12:51 PM
  • TroyG82

    G4 has been my homepage for YEARS now.... I am very let down by Adams review as a whole. I have always listened to him with some lagitimacy over the years even through his ever -funny- narratives -.-

    But this whole BF dislike is almost palpable. You either have some distaste for BF fans in general, or Activision is pickup up the bill for your recently cut budget pants fund.

    You keep comparing the Single player modes, why? When in the history of BF has it ever been about the Single player? Because all the sudden they actually put some effort into advertisement to directly compete with MW?

    My one outlet for reviews that i even took with a grain of salt joins the others in the heard and lets the main principle of a game and it's fan base pass to the side?

    Grow some balls Adam. Or look me up in-game so i can show you where you left them on the Battlefield.

    Posted: November 4, 2011 12:27 PM
  • warman58

    you guys made good game on battlefield3 i don't know whats wrong with person check out link. but when i played battlefield3 last night i loved game very well it's alot better than cod. I think xplay at g4 did a poor review even adam soapbox i think it was piss poor review you guys at ea and dice i think you need talk to g4tv and attack of the show and xplay they need redo another review on game again. thats what wrote to ea on there battlefield3 facebook.

    Posted: November 3, 2011 6:08 PM
  • Superchee2e

    I agree to an extent, I feel like EA tried making a game with both large scale (I.e. caspian border) and small scale (I.e. grand bazaar) type of battle grounds. And IMO succeeded, but there isn't much in the way of heart pounding MP like I experienced in BFBC2 destroying tanks or clearing buildings of wanna-be campers. It is a lot of fun, but even when I played it at the midnight release at GameStop I felt something missing. The realism is great though. And as far as the SP. . . Total garbage. Vomit indusingly linear set pieces and plot points, nukes, catching who you think is the bad guy and finding out he works for somebody else. I've seen it all before. Plus I played through it on the two hardest difficulties and it seemed like the Russians were like a blind man in a snow storm, could shoot a barn from 10 feet away. And the PLR were like aim-bots from the year 3000 capable of hitting a mouse' nose from a 1/4 mile. I hated the campaign, but I didn't really buy it for the campaign so wutevs.

    Posted: November 3, 2011 5:02 PM
  • hXcHector

    I agree that the single player wasn't that enthralling, but it wasn't a piece of garbage like some say. Multiplayer is still great and can get your heart pumping at times. Depends on the game mode and the players.

    I'm also glad how you pointed out it's Goliath vs Goliath. EA vs Activision!

    Posted: November 3, 2011 1:54 PM
  • MoonDevil

    I agree with Adam on this one. I think the game is beautiful all around... the realism in graphics and the feel of it is definitely throughout the game. I do think though that it did get a bit boring in the sense that while encompassing a realism of battle (or better stated small scale conflict settings), it was a bit too little on the excitement factor. Throughout the entire SP, the biggest 'Oh Crap!' Moments... were in simply not knowing what the hell to do or where to go (mainly because your squad leaves you at any given time)... with only the added factor of Normal mode seeming to be harder than what most normal modes are, which is easily compensated for anyway. Multiplayer... well, have not gotten into it yet do to disconnects (even though ethernet wired and with a great net connection). Hoping that it has something more of excitement to it for the general fact of playing real players not AI. Hopefully MP will be the saving grace for BF3... if I can finally get in.

    Posted: November 3, 2011 11:44 AM
  • G4Punisher1

    I think what adam is trying to say is that single player mode in a lot of these games seems to get the feel it is just tagged on. Which with each new shooter it really does feel like that.

    Posted: November 3, 2011 11:08 AM
  • rhinofever

    My favriote part: " i think what its down fall is that it tried to capture this realistic approach and it went so far into it that it lost its excitment" HAHAHAHAHAHA YOUR AN IDIOT! how can you even say that . its down fall was not THAT its the fact it was preditable. it wasnt boring either! i just doubt itll beat mw3 in SINGLE PLAYER. mw3 makes great single players. TERRIBLE multiplayer. and i have been kicked ONCE from the servers. there fine. so just SHUT UP! im tired of the complaining. COD you lost . just admit it . MW3 is a rent for the single player and bf3 is a buy because you will play multiplayer A LOT more than single player.

    Posted: November 3, 2011 9:48 AM
  • ctlee93

    the number score thing is gonna break Adam.. Every year around this time (the seasonal heavy flow of video games) he talks about he does not condone the numerical score. AND every year he gets a little more angry about it. I hope he just doesnt break and starts giving everything a 1/5 or 5/5. People who criticize the critics need to stop. If you don't like the reviews of thr reviewer, stop reading his or her reviews. I refuse to read some IGN articles because of this reason.

    P.s. Does the Zero Punctuation reviews get pooled into Metacritic?? i get everything i need to know from his reviews

    Posted: November 3, 2011 8:37 AM
  • jgibson75

    I was the opposite here... I haven't been able to get into the multiplayer, but for the most part, I enjoyed the single player experience. I will say that I didn't like it better than Call of Duty campaigns, but I did like it as well as I do many of the Tom Clancy Rainbow Six/Ghost Recon campaigns. Sure, it didn't have the summer blockbuster, epic, over the top thrills of Call of Duty's typical campaigns... but it still kept my attention for the most part. Though the tank level and the jet level actually didn't reel me in... I felt most detached during those two segments. I'm not sure why. Maybe because I had to focus on figuring ou the controls and getting used to the new gameplay to feel as immersed as I was in the shooting levels. And the bookend segments of the start and end on the subway was thrilling stuff. Heavily scripted, yes, but for a moment I felt like I was Jack Bauer from 24... and that is a feeling I very much enjoy. More games should let me live out that Jack Bauer hero moments. Few do. (I wish they would make a new 24 game... but that is another subject altogether).

    Again, the campaign had problems. I ran into tech issues and glitches. The game froze on me once. I got stuck in the environment a couple of times. A couple of the scripted moments felt really broken if you missed the timing at all... and I found it a bit hard to believe that the lead would go to the drastic measures he took near the end (not going to spoil it here) with so little information given to him... but even with all of these issues, I enjoyed myself.

    Posted: November 3, 2011 6:07 AM
  • Blaze016

    Although playing the Campaign in BF3 was a bit on the lull side, I LOVED the story. Kept me interesting until the end. Not too long either.

    Posted: November 3, 2011 2:43 AM
  • Thakker

    Single player campaign for BF3 sucked. But who plays BF for singleplayer anyways?

    Posted: November 3, 2011 1:43 AM
  • BaldSpaceMarine

    On the other hand, the Bad Company titles are some of the most entertaining and awesome gaming experiences i have ever played. THEY ROCK!

    Posted: November 2, 2011 8:21 PM
  • BaldSpaceMarine

    I agree man. I think the main problem, is the fact that the Battlefield series keeps trying to be Modern Warfare (along with every other series). They are actualy different games, even know they are the same genre. Battlefield is more exciting in a Multiplayer sense, and Modern Warfare is more exciting in a manly-cliche-tough-guy-story-c ampaign sense. Its extremely unfortunate that Battlefield 3 is trying to be Modern Warfare, if Dice keeps this up, i really don't see good things in Battlefields future. Maybe if the influence of EA wasnt a factor here, the game might not have been a COD clone? Dunno.

    Posted: November 2, 2011 8:19 PM
  • warman58

    they need relplace adam with somebody about video games like real hardcore gamers stuff. i say i don't whats wrong with him maybe he's getting too playing video games. but heck i'm 31 years old i never get too old playing video games battlefield3 is good it remind alot counter strike,delta force,team fortress 1 and other shooting games. i been playing shooting games since wolfstein 3d days from 1992 and goldeneye 007 and tribes games like tribes1,tribes2 and tribes aa. I know Japanese woman playing battlefield3 thats how this game is.. it's alwsome please all gamer talk about game and i hope for cod fans i hope you guy get good rating i think cod mw3 and battlefield be get both wins game of the year. at least alot better then halo. i hope cod mw3 and battlefield3 become MLG pro circuit event next year..... I don't know adam is trying split up gamers go at each other it shouldn't be that way we should enjoying our games out i'm tech,gaming and all source cool stuff. i think kevin perria should do xplay and aots with game break and still do full aots he would good gamer review dude he's dude loves games.

    Posted: November 2, 2011 8:19 PM
  • warman58

    i bet you'll understand where coming from about adam about that video talking about. i don't think battlefield3 is boring. Wait after couple months the game still kick butt.. i don't know what heck trying to say i guess he must fell sleep during game maybe why got so bored..

    Posted: November 2, 2011 8:07 PM
  • warman58

    I say both games are best cod mw3 and battlefield3 at least it's not halo reach...... Please rate 5 out of5 for battlefield fans theres tons of gamers out there. come on be fair to all gamers do understand it long time make battlefield3. I seen worst games. I 'm for all first person shooters games out there plus battlefield3 is good i said mw3 is good too.. Lets put end this frag war cod mw3 vs battlefeild3 and what count as long everybody happy with there games i don't have problem at all. i think cod mw3 and battlefield3 they both should get game of the year....i prefer both games are a BUY,,,,

    Posted: November 2, 2011 7:57 PM
  • warman58

    ou should tell him off battlefield3 is good he must be cod fan.. i don't think game is boring you guys at EA you should pay a visited to G4tv go on attack of the show show them full game.. Whats wrong with adam i thought he was old school gamer. there's nothing with game. Wait until cod mw3 when played after couple months with it get kind boring with them it always happens with cod games like black ops and mw2. I guess adam too picky about game i guess he hadsn't play that much.... i say this game should get 5 out 5 on xplay and aots and for hardcore battlefield players and for all gamers should get 10 of 10. but also cod mw3 should 5 out of 5 and 9 of 9 for me. thats sounds fair to all gamers out there.

    Posted: November 2, 2011 7:51 PM
  • nightsnipe

    DICE can't do SP, simple as that.

    I don't get why they don't just focus on multiplayer, they're the master at that. Just cut out the single player and double the MP map count, oh and add co-op missions b/c they did a good job with those.

    Posted: November 2, 2011 5:06 PM
  • RSnider

    I wish Adam was this articulate during the show. Unfortunately, to do so would likely cause a massive hemorrhage of ratings.

    Posted: November 2, 2011 4:59 PM