Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning "Destiny And Fate" Trailer

Posted: October 27, 2011
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning "Destiny And Fate" Trailer
Learn more about your destiny and the fate that awaits you in this trailer for Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.

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  • Cathartic Denoument

    I am truly, deeply excited for this game to come out.
    No other RPG thus far (imho) has managed to capture the same..alluring level of creativity/personalization/fle xibility in choice..the very essence that the original paper-pencil/tabletop RPG's had, back in the day, as THIS game (with each & every trailer that comes out).
    Not to mention the theme this game is going with, in 'weaving one's own destiny/fate', which resonates with me.
    And the icing on the cake..One of the developers' studio name just so happens to be my favorite number.
    Its like this game was MADE..custom tailored..just for me!
    I hope this game does extremely well, both in reviews & sales.
    February 7th can not come soon enough!

    Posted: November 1, 2011 10:44 PM
  • crocodilius

    This is a single player game to flesh out the world whilst funding
    the MMO project in the same universe.
    There is every indication right now it will be good.

    Posted: October 28, 2011 10:26 AM
  • godzillaisyourdaddy

    Looks decent enough to try. If only there was more animation from the characters during conversations to make it look dynamic and interesting. Just having them stand there is kind of annoying to look at. Kind of reminds me of Dragon Age, just more fluid combat and open world.

    Posted: October 27, 2011 4:40 PM