Jay Faerber Reviews Batman, Wonder Woman, Supergirl

Posted: October 24, 2011
Jay Faerber Reviews Batman, Wonder Woman, Supergirl
Blair Butler is joined by Jay Faerber for reviews of Batman, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Wolverine, Cold War, Birds of Prey, Fear Itself, and Key of Z.

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  • Cloudcrusher

    Just a dumb question that I'm sure to get flamed over. Why don't you guys ever review TopCow comics or even Aspen comics or any other company that does have great artists and stories, but just don't have the cash to back it up? (Yes I know you promote indy comics but those seem to be made by friends of the show, so really they have a way in to get promoted.) For example I've been a big fan of Fathom since it broke back in the day. I've collected every issue and its an amazing story and has grat artwork. Yeah its about mermaids, but a different kind of mermaid than the usual "hey she's got a fishtail". Its an interesting take on that particular genre and again the artwork is fantastic. The team over at Aspen have been really trying to carry on Michael Turner's legacy since his untimely passing and it pains me to see you guys only reviewing DC, Marvel and comics made by your friends. Call me crazy but it seems that your group is quite biased. Or maybe you've been paid to only commend DC and Marvel over all. I don't really know. Not trying to draw a flame reaction post here. Just noticing some things that I find troubling about this site and channel as a whole. As journalists I thought you had a code not to be bias or to give a fair assessment of what you are reporting. I know that's really not the case especially with a company that makes a business out of telling people what's "cool". I get it you're trying to push products onto the masses, but seriously where is the integrity? Don't you think you have an obligation to give everyone a fair chance? Or are you guys only interested in trying to be the "I'm too cool for school" kids that you'll only promote what you deem worthy? Look I love your channel and site, but sometimes things just set me on edge. This view of your "Fresh Ink" has been bothering me for awhile. Sometimes it feels kind of like when a person goes into a comic book shop and brings up a comic they enjoy and the clerk laughs in their face or scrutinizes them for their choice. When is this prejudice and discrimination going to stop? Probably never, but I digress. Really all I'd like to know is why don't you guys review or commend comic books from the middle class comic book companies? Think about it...

    Posted: October 25, 2011 2:21 AM