The Hunt - A G4 Films Presentation

Posted: October 24, 2011
The Hunt - A G4 Films Presentation
Far from help and home, three hunters come face to face with a monstrous entity keen on their demise. The Hunt is a short film presented by G4 Films and directed by Sam Balcomb.

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  • Flipz15

    One minute in... "Nope... Chuck Testa."
    lol that was pretty good stuff, can't wait for Kart Driver.

    Posted: October 24, 2011 4:13 PM
  • cloudMAN75


    Posted: October 24, 2011 2:10 PM
  • strappingyounglass

    where can you get the 8-bit song from the beginning?? it's so wicked :B

    Posted: October 24, 2011 12:21 PM
  • WilyLoGo13

    lmfao that was cool

    Posted: October 24, 2011 10:02 AM
  • filchingfeline

    xD aww I love you too G4.

    Posted: October 24, 2011 9:50 AM
  • Shadowdog021

    I was wondering where that dog ran off to. It'll steal your kill, then your life, beware of its viscous bite: SHAKE HANDS WITH DANGER!!!

    Posted: October 24, 2011 9:07 AM
  • StryCross

    Loved it, though I kinda wished the dog's laughter was more prevalent. Like on the dude that missed his shot, that they would've done a laughter there coming from some random bushes lol Or maybe just a whisper of em would've fit nicely, but great job. Definitely will watch the next 2, specially Kart Driver :)

    Posted: October 24, 2011 8:49 AM
  • jimmy223@aol.com

    This was Hilarious! I love how the creature laughs at the end like the dog from duck hunt. I hated that pix-elated dog with a passion. Every time I lost I would shoot him as much as I could. =P


    Posted: October 24, 2011 8:45 AM
  • Hellwarden

    That.....was awesome.

    Posted: October 24, 2011 8:41 AM
  • 2ply

    Glad they threw the laugh in at the end, had been waiting the entire time to hear it lol.


    I could be wrong but I think that was Johnny Cash.

    Posted: October 24, 2011 8:31 AM
  • orangecrow


    Posted: October 24, 2011 7:37 AM
  • neitring

    where can i get the song from the credits?

    Posted: October 24, 2011 7:02 AM
  • oboehobo

    That just made my day. Can't wait for the other two. :)

    Posted: October 24, 2011 6:59 AM