Saints Row: The Third "Modern Warfare 3" Parody Trailer

Posted: October 17, 2011
Saints Row: The Third "Modern Warfare 3" Parody Trailer
What do you do when shooters like Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 are going at each other? When you're Saints Row: The Third, you make a response trailer of your own, and you call it Shock and Awesome.

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  • fudoshin

    NAH... THQ is just butt hurt that Home Front was crap and people when't back to COD and BF games

    Posted: October 19, 2011 7:38 AM
  • Teh_Sonic_Masta

    A trailer that acts as a quintisential middle finger to the "competition"... This game just gets better and better!

    Posted: October 19, 2011 4:46 AM

    im a BF3 fan and ill only let a parody off the hook if its actually good. that being said, GOOD JOB XDD I LOVED IT

    Posted: October 18, 2011 2:40 PM
  • kentheoni

    best trailer ever!!!!

    Posted: October 18, 2011 2:09 PM
  • Dikard_von_Doom

    that was more like a BF3 parody than both. it was worth a chuckle but not much more. the game still looks awesome though.

    Posted: October 18, 2011 10:54 AM
  • ninenightmares

    I really hope Dex is in this game so we can finally kill his betraying jerk arse!

    Posted: October 18, 2011 7:55 AM
  • DaddyMatt

    a want to steal that carrier get an eye pacht an hang out with iran man

    Posted: October 18, 2011 6:48 AM
  • Lords-Ledgendz

    If people think this game is going to have a serious tone to then haha you funny this game has all about being able to do what you want when you want to do it and no one can get in you way its an all out war and you are the mother frickin president SR3 i am going to make this town my bitch. hahaha

    Posted: October 18, 2011 4:59 AM
  • wislo


    Posted: October 17, 2011 9:01 PM
  • Jonbeer1313

    What a stupid looking game.

    Posted: October 17, 2011 8:57 PM
  • Jonbeer1313

    What a stupid looking game.

    Posted: October 17, 2011 8:54 PM
  • gamerassassin

    wow that's the most funny trailer i have ever seen, actual game play footage haha! saints #1 EA #0

    Posted: October 17, 2011 8:53 PM
  • ThaSaltShaker

    Couldn't help but laugh at "Actual Game Footage." COD and BF are both played out.

    Posted: October 17, 2011 8:05 PM
  • Spybreak

    That is hilarious.

    Posted: October 17, 2011 6:09 PM
  • theshitbox360

    wow, really the creators think they can stand up to the true big shots cod and even bigger shot battlefield wow they dont even compare both games are beast they just took themselves out wow purposely k.o.ed themselves i cant help but laugh lol

    Posted: October 17, 2011 6:04 PM
  • Matt731

    the ending of that looked like it parodied BF3 as well

    Posted: October 17, 2011 5:23 PM
  • lukechalfant

    Actual game footage

    Posted: October 17, 2011 5:15 PM
  • ViolinPimp

    All I gotta say is... Fried.

    Posted: October 17, 2011 5:07 PM
  • crazyfooinc

    Haha! THQ's marketing crew is GENIUS! :-D

    Posted: October 17, 2011 5:05 PM
  • DJcreeper

    Haha loved it!

    Posted: October 17, 2011 4:27 PM