Rage "Funny Mutant" Glitch

Posted: October 10, 2011
Rage "Funny Mutant" Glitch
Mutants are disgusting and hideous creatures that scare us everyday in Rage. However, when this particular mutant gets trap in a rock, it makes the mutants look adorable and hilarious.

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  • mikethetiger

    I've seen far worse glitches.

    Posted: October 12, 2011 8:55 AM
  • halolegacy343

    2 funny

    Posted: October 11, 2011 5:12 AM
  • DragonWind86

    Frank, You dont know jack about this game if you say its "broken" from one glitch, i supose your going to tell us Gears 3 is broken cuz it has a single glitch

    Posted: October 10, 2011 9:50 PM
  • Frank101me

    wow this game is broken

    Posted: October 10, 2011 7:59 PM