Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 "Redemption" Trailer

Posted: October 7, 2011
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 "Redemption" Trailer
See the latest single player trailer for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 entitled, Redemption.

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  • dangerousjo44

    and the cod mw3 ppl shoudnt be mad that bf3 looks better hell keep in mind its the best looking shooter off all time so far
    i mean tell me this how many continuation games out there or coming out later on this year really look that much better then its predecessor huh now keep in mind bf3 predecessor is like 6 years old so its alot easyer for bf3 to look better cus its the first of its story and everything else while on the other hand mw3 was in a continuation and was just going to make the normal graphics update like all other continuations games do like masseffect 3 assassins creed 4 gow3 resistance 3and uc3

    Posted: October 26, 2011 6:21 AM
  • Jillerstem

    Jillerstem's comment is abusive and has been removed.

    Posted: October 14, 2011 12:53 AM
  • Gabe_Logan99


    Posted: October 11, 2011 4:06 PM
  • kinghunter64

    I'll buy Battlefield 3 for the realism, but i'll buy MW3 for the action packed awesomeness

    Posted: October 10, 2011 7:15 PM


    Posted: October 10, 2011 2:57 PM
  • NecroJester92

    LMAO wtf was that same old egine gameplay and presentation XD

    Posted: October 10, 2011 2:12 PM
  • UnJakeable

    LONG LIVE HALO!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted: October 10, 2011 6:43 AM
  • meganova

    its hard to see why people get so worked up over what is better than what. when a gam hasnt come out yet. it boils dwn to what you have fun playing. im not a fan boy im a gamer. but i do have my favorits. that said i truely beleave if a person isnt good at a game they tend to dwn a game and place hope in anotrher series. sales arent important to me im not makinmg the money. halo is by far my fav fps but with some of the armor abilities and reticel bloom i turnd to blkops. but with the reach title update coming well see. with me its more about campers and lag at certain times than true complants about mw2 and or blkops. campers will always be around and lag happens. bf3 seems like camping will be just as bad if not worse and im sure lag will also happen.

    Posted: October 10, 2011 2:34 AM
  • mikekorn

    i am getting them both!!!

    Posted: October 10, 2011 12:36 AM
  • TheStranger110

    was that the entire campain or what????

    Posted: October 9, 2011 9:46 PM
  • LanserT2

    Personally, I dislike this game, but not because it's "bad".
    Being from the PC community, I've seen the type of customer service we receive when we give our feedback. When nothing is done on something there is an outcry to change, we begin to complain.

    Yet Infinity Ward did nothing to change the things we were having problems with, and pushed us to the side without any real acknowledgment of our feedback.

    They said "trust us, its better this way" when MW2 came out, and on the heels of CoD4, I gave the game a chance. I was utterly disappointed in the game, but the game wasn't "bad", it just didn't meet the expectations I had of the game, even though all of those expectation came from what CoD4 already had in it. I lost faith in Infinity Ward, and more so in Activision.

    Because of this, I got my nuke emblem and got bored. Landed in a hacked server, unlocked everything, and that renewed the game's life for me for a bit. And then I left the CoD series, not really knowing where to go.

    Battlefield is definitely interesting, but I still don't think it will provide any kind of home that Call of Duty 4 ever was for me. It has higher graphics settings so I can torture my computer, something I haven't done in ages, but I'm skeptical on whether or not the game itself will satisfy what I want.

    I'll probably jump between BF3, Skyrim, and maybe Guild Wars 2 will be where I land.

    This is just my opinion, so now I'll just look for a game I like, and you can play whatever game you like, be it MW3 or BF3 or Superman 64.

    And try to put yourself in another's shoes. There are reason some feel betrayed. When AAA games come to PC, many end up being badly done console ports that cause many problems that break the game. Much of the animosity from the PC community comes from being treated like second class citizens when they had been first class for years and years. If I suddenly told you that you cannot do something you have been doing for years, you would be angry too.

    Posted: October 9, 2011 6:39 PM
  • ElKato954

    Two things, first screw both these games! Both Battlefield 3 and MW3 look great, but the community sucks. Both fanboys are freaken retarted, they only trash the other's games. This is the problem. Both looked great until this debate. Im getting Uncharted 3 and maybe, maybe one of these games. Another thing is this trailer is offensive. Come on a plane crash in Russia? After what happened to the hockey team... man thats weak

    Posted: October 9, 2011 5:35 PM
  • McGhostly

    Nice vid, looks epic. Will still get BF3 though.

    Posted: October 9, 2011 1:00 PM
  • tcs0

    The part with the crosshair fixed on Makarov reminds me about the Ghillied Up mission in COD4 where price tried to assassinate Zhakiev. Here we go again.

    Posted: October 9, 2011 7:36 AM
  • Maxi10

    These two games are the perfect example of how fanboyism can wreck a game experience for gamer's who are just looking to play the damn game. It is very likely that both games will be great. I am really looking forward to the single player campaign in Modern Warfare 3 which looks to be as cinematic as a game is going to get. I am looking forward to Battlefield 3 in every aspect, looks like they have put a lot of effort into the game. I have been playing these two series' since their originals and it should just be a relief that we get both games plus even more to enjoy (Skyrim in particular). Why is it necessary to say that one will be better than the other, and why would anyone not play both given the chance! This sort of attitude is so childlike it is not even worth joking about. I would even go as far to say that this is the male version of "fangirlism" and Twilight. It is only the people who dedicate their lives to the continuation of their chosen game who are missing out.

    Having said that, I would not go out of my way in order to not enjoy beating such people in a game as it is so much fun seeing their reaction. Plus the ever useful mute option has been a savior.

    Posted: October 8, 2011 9:26 PM
  • Ambigous

    This is just little old me here, but I like Battlefield 3 for one specific reason. The player base is decidedly less vocal. Don't get me wrong both games have strengths and flaws, but the problem with call of duty is not the game, or the level of aptitude, the problem with COD my dear friends.. is you, yes just like real life NOBODY wants to play with the kid who brags every time they execute a ranged head shot or some other trivial easily pulled off move, so, if you really want people to celebrate your franchise, as all good franchises deserve follow three simple steps.

    1. Do not talk unless spoken to, unless the person speaking is an immature child then promptly ignore
    2. Because you have the highest K/D Ratio does not make you special, and my word the world doesn't need to hear it
    3. Self esteem is called SELF ESTEEM so keep it to yourself.

    Tone down these minor player problems and I'm sure all the BF3 and MW3 fans will sit together at the lan party of equality and frag one another equally, free at last free at last thank no scope almighty free at last.

    Posted: October 8, 2011 5:54 PM
  • mattt3275

    One word: Epic!

    Posted: October 8, 2011 12:41 PM
  • zimmy91

    As much as I have been doubting this game. This trailer has actually changed my point of view.
    But, only for the campaign. Still don't like the multiplayer.

    Posted: October 8, 2011 12:39 PM
  • Slivah

    F^%$ BF3!!!!!! PC gamers gamers can play it all they want. Cod for the win!

    Posted: October 8, 2011 11:35 AM
  • Jag23

    Say what you want by I've loved the MW campaigns and this looks no different. I also want to see how the co-op will turn out, that's usually CoD's strong point and my favorite.

    Posted: October 8, 2011 10:29 AM