The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword "Skyview Temple" Gameplay Video

Posted: October 7, 2011
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword "Skyview Temple" Gameplay Video
Get a first look at the Skyview Temple in Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

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  • Jri3102

    I wonder how much voice acting there is going to be...
    or if it will all be reading and grunts.

    Posted: October 12, 2011 10:24 PM
  • Jax009

    I guess having a pony is too mainstream now. Hipster Link got himself a bird.

    Posted: October 9, 2011 10:30 AM
  • Alien_Number_Six

    Nintendo is dead. The funeral was last Saturday. Downloadable content, High definition graphics and third party support where in attendance.

    Posted: October 8, 2011 9:44 AM
  • MisterBrown

    There's been a great deal of discussion on message boards, gaming sites, and XPlay itself regarding the graphics of Skyward Sword not being on par with the HD quality graphics of the Skyrims and Dragon Ages of this generation. However, shouldn't we be more concerned with a discussion in terms of "art style" instead of simply "graphics"? Didn't Braid receive practically universal praise for how it used its art style, which is very similar to the direction taken by Skyward Sword? And, with the "lack of excitement" that many journalists and message board posters are expressing for this Zelda due to the Wii's graphical capabilities, yet I wonder why these people didn't levy similar attacks on (the absolutely brilliant) Portal 2, which is a sure front runner for GotY and hardly because of its graphics. Simply put, especially given the limitations of the Wii, I feel that the art style that's been chosen does a more than adequate job of serving the purpose of the franchise.

    Skeptics about a lack of evolution in gameplay, IMO, have more ground on which to stand. While Skyward Sword seems to have several new twists to it, I think there's still a chance it might feel like another beefed-up Ocarina of Time. This judgment, however, will ultimately have to be reserved until we all get the full game in our hands.

    Posted: October 8, 2011 6:03 AM
  • Tmidiman

    Honestly IMO it looks dated when compared to other games out there, like Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Fable, and Darksiders. If you don't know of those games you won't notice it as much and should enjoy this Zelda games.

    Yeah, kind of seen this before.

    Posted: October 7, 2011 10:33 PM
  • Blue_Vortex

    This game looks amazing

    Posted: October 7, 2011 3:27 PM
  • koolboricua

    tat looks freaking sweet. cant wait for it.

    Posted: October 7, 2011 1:24 PM