Assassin's Creed: Revelations Multiplayer Trailer

Posted: September 22, 2011
Assassin's Creed: Revelations Multiplayer Trailer
Cut your way to the top. Check out the Assassin's Creed: Revelations multiplayer trailer.

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  • maikerukazuki

    wish there was character creation.....

    Posted: September 24, 2011 11:42 PM
  • EtzioAuditore

    What's up with the British guy

    Posted: September 23, 2011 9:34 AM
  • Zordonslayerofthe9thdemention

    honestly i think brotherhoods multiplayer is one of the best. its not just run around and shoot, to get to the top you need to think fast and use your surroundings instead of just aim and shoot. this is one of the few multiplayer games i find fun.

    Posted: September 23, 2011 7:10 AM
  • BLaQKBoX

    Not really intrested in the Muliplayer for Assassins Creed, just for th e achievements and thats it. This game is better for SP play

    Posted: September 23, 2011 7:03 AM
  • Forever_Feral

    @ Loki_Kun I know what you mean.. It doesn't feel.. "realistic" , And with me, I have to have some kind of realism with a video game.. when everyone looks the same and they are just running around killing people.. the multiplayer did seem very weird..

    Posted: September 23, 2011 4:47 AM
  • gamerzack95

    What is the song in the background?

    Posted: September 22, 2011 7:51 PM
  • Phantom751

    Im liking the dubstep backtrack. very classy.

    Posted: September 22, 2011 7:12 PM
  • Loki_Kun

    multiplayer for brotherhood just didnt feel that good. I know the focus is all on assassination but it feels like a completely overdone game of cat and mouse that just never kept me interested. Couldnt turn around and counter assassinate, no way to have any type of blade battle. For a skilled and trained assassin you sure go down pretty easily.

    Posted: September 22, 2011 7:04 PM