Driver: San Francisco Video Review

Posted: September 21, 2011
Driver: San Francisco Video Review
Driver: San Francisco continues the story of bad guy Charles Jericho and good cop John Turner, and Morgan Webb here delivers our review.

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  • DuncanCelina

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    Posted: September 23, 2011 7:32 AM
  • Madbagofhorses

    You can't expect the games towards which you are biased to have a score that matches your bias. If you are a car enthusiast than you should understand that you will like car-related video games more than the norm.

    That means that you would score car-related video games higher than a GOOD critic reviewer would. This is a good review. I kind of have a bias against car games, I'm ridiculously picky with my car sims and generally don't like most. I would have given this game a 2/5 personally, I was almost mad at having chose to rent it.

    Also note that 3/5 is not a bad score. Its on the lower end of 'worth buying', that still means worth buying to some though.

    Great review, keep up the good work.

    Posted: September 23, 2011 7:09 AM
  • 456789123

    Good review the cons are true!!!!

    Posted: September 22, 2011 11:11 PM
  • The_profile6713

    Dude stop defending it. I played the demo and borrowed it from a friend and the cons were so true it made me hate myself for thinking it was gonna get a 5/5.

    Posted: September 22, 2011 8:47 PM
  • 2ply

    I think it would have been better precieved if it didn't have the Driver name attached to it.

    Being such a fan of the past games I find it hard to even look twice at this mockery of those, however if it had been called something else entirely and had nothing to do with those game I think my expectations would be a little different.

    Posted: September 22, 2011 11:55 AM
  • camaro72toy

    My grammar is actually excellent, just being rushed right now...

    Posted: September 22, 2011 11:49 AM
  • camaro72toy

    Wow, I wish they would fire evryone from g4 and get an entirely new staff, yes, I am available. This game is great. I honestly did not expect to like the whole shift element, but it's actually really cool. Wish you guys would stop being so negative lately. Very unimpressed with your review of this very great game, finally, they did everything right, and the city opens up massively as you play.

    Posted: September 22, 2011 11:48 AM
  • crazyfooinc

    Honestly, this was a TERRIBLE review. You're telling me that you can take a space-marine in shining armor fighting a bunch of aliens more seriously than this? C'mon, this game definitely deserves at least a four when considering they didn't mention anything but the absurdity of the story. Driving is fun, shifting is great, the splitscreen and online mutiplayer are well done and also great fun. Not to mention the amount of polish and attention to detail with the cars. X-Play, you've failed me again >.<</safety_wrapper&g t;

    Posted: September 22, 2011 5:20 AM