How To Get A Job In Videogames: Chris Metzen From Blizzard

Posted: September 15, 2011
How To Get A Job In Videogames: Chris Metzen From Blizzard
Chris Metzen is Vice President of Creative Developmenthe at Blizzard and is here with G4 University to share his info on what it takes to enter the videogame industry.


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  • courtneykeene

    I'd personally caution against filling your portfolio with just one type of writing. If you're applying to Blizzard or Bioware or one of the few places that hires a large team of on-staff writers then absolutely. Show your best strength. But if you're getting your start someplace smaller or you want to leave yourself with options, you should at least learn how to write dialogue, level descriptions, item descriptions, barks, cutscene scripting, etc. if not game design documents and other technical writing.

    Posted: March 29, 2012 6:00 AM
  • InLokiWeTrust

    Chris Metzen's formula for writing video games,

    Step 1: Disregard rich, preexisting foundation.

    Step 2: Work the same story into every game you work on.

    Step 3: ???

    Step 4: Profit.

    Posted: September 15, 2011 5:26 PM
  • Sigillimus

    Writing for Blizzard Entertainment is something that I've always dreamed of doing, and having Chris Metzen himself telling me the steps I need to take when I eventually head away to college and onto greater things is a really, REALLY big help. It's so awesome to see him trying to help future gaming developers out.

    Posted: September 15, 2011 4:52 PM
  • CustosIntusSilentium

    FINALLY something relevant to my cause. But there's still that catch-22 with writing- though you produce, you still may never be picked up because no one cares about giving you feedback... Screw it, I'm going back to my rock space opera about cheese burgers and Grover Cleveland's mustache.

    Posted: September 15, 2011 4:26 PM