Feedback -- PAX Prime 2011 & Madden NFL 12 Edition

Posted: August 31, 2011
Feedback -- PAX Prime 2011 & Madden NFL 12 Edition
In this edition of Feedback, Adam Sessler and the G4tv.com crew came back from PAX Prime 2011 to sit and talk about all the weird indie games that were shown. In addition, we give our review on EA Sports' Madden NFL 12.

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  • JJisBroBeard

    Another solid episode of Feedback. Great stuff and info from Pax in Seattle! I am really diggin this show

    Posted: September 2, 2011 3:29 AM
  • gurujot

    I thought Mike D'Alonzo seemed like a cool guy until I found out he likes the eagles and thats not cool at all

    Posted: September 1, 2011 7:25 PM
  • martyg

    Ok first thing first, Leah, you are stunning. Sorry, had to get that out. Moving on...I completely agree that this years madden fell short compared to previous years, however, I definitely don't give them a pass this year just because the NFL lockout was looming overhead. Madden fans deserve a great game regardless of the state of real football and a perfect example would be NBA 2k12. The NBA looks like it is in even more dire straights than football was, yet 2k12 looks to have even more improvements over last years fantastic game. So no excuses for EA! I say either step it up and represent America's most popular sport in a way that justifies fans coughing up 60 bucks, or hand the license over to somebody that will...i.e. 2k sports.

    Posted: September 1, 2011 5:09 PM
  • relentless36

    alright Go Niners!!!

    Posted: September 1, 2011 2:01 PM
  • frankurban

    Why would someone who buys a vinyl want a digital copy?

    Because you can't listen to your vinyl in your car on your ipod.

    Pretty obvious.

    Why would you need an onlive copy when you have your own hard copy? I don't know, because it's not like you can play your regular copy and then pick up a mobile onlive copy and keep playing on the go. It won't even be the same save file.

    Posted: September 1, 2011 1:35 PM
  • Pippdaddy

    Um, 45 minutes to get the roster update, It took me one minute and that includes the time to go through Xbox live and then go to the roster update. If it takes anyone 45 minutes to download the newest roster than they are using dial up in a secluded area.

    Posted: September 1, 2011 12:33 PM
  • Malapropism

    i actually completely disagree with you about the 50 dollar coupons, because saying that the product wasn't tampered with implies that the people were only buying the data on the game discs, which if this was true, then gamestop should be allowed to rub their hands on the disc, destroy the game containers and things like that, as long as they don't tamper with the data, as in adding extra code or removing code, that implies that it's fine, when it's obviously not, when i buy games i want the manual, casing, disc, and anything else that comes with the game, not a tampered product, it always scares me how pro business g4 is and their lack of empathy for the consumer,

    Posted: September 1, 2011 12:33 PM
  • Cashprizes

    Also they had the facts wrong, Gamestop knew the coupons were a promotion appearing in PC copies of the game. They asked Square-Enix to remove the Coupons from the copies sent to Gamestop stores, and Square-Enix agreed. However somthing got messed up along the supply chain, and the copies arrived with the coupons inside.

    Anyways, I am just mentioning this because upon further review, the panelists make it sound like Onlive was in the wrong and "didnt tell anyone" about this promotion they snuck in, whne this is 100% not the case. Seems like they are simaltaneously making Onlive look duplicitious while heralding every decision Gamestop made.

    Square-Enix isn't involved in the conversation at all when they were the ones who messed up and even admitted to it, although they didn't seem very concerned cause it was Gamestop who ended up looking bad.

    Posted: September 1, 2011 10:53 AM
  • Cashprizes

    How much money traded hands between Comcast and Gamestop? I have not seen anyone go to bat for Gamestop opening up copies of Deus Ex and removing cupons that belonged to anyone who bought that game.

    If customers had bought Deus Ex at Target or Bestbuy or Wal-Mart, they got to keep those cupons. Just because Gamestop has a profit motive does not qualify them to remove promotions out of a packaged product.

    They were right to offer those disenfranchised customers $50 of in-store credit. I Am aghast that the entire Feedback panel supported Gamestop's actions, and thought it was unreasonable for the company to compensate disenfranchised customers. I mean, I could see someone offering a defense for Gamestop and point out some of inherent silliness of the controversy, but Adam Leah and Blair were just like full on "The fans are way out there on a limb Gamestop was in the right how dare you question them!"

    Crazy, I think last week I found somthing totally agenda driven as well, I dont trust these panelists.

    Posted: September 1, 2011 10:38 AM
  • DrMorganFreeman

    I think this might have been my favorite episode of Feedback to date and it wasn't even about games I was all that interested in. Everyone just seemed more at ease this go around and I think the whole thing was improved by a healthy dose of profanity (thanks Blair!). I wasn't even put off by at least 50% of the group being fans of my New York Giants NFC East rivals.

    Great show!

    Posted: September 1, 2011 9:58 AM
  • novasolid

    i want 2k to come back and make football games again!!!!! i miss 2k5 :(

    Posted: September 1, 2011 4:51 AM
  • Fathi_Haziq

    Looks like Blair is hatin' on that NerdHQ party thing from the last Comic-Con.

    Posted: September 1, 2011 4:12 AM
  • BarGamer

    Guild Wars 1 only had 20 levels, not 30. You never had to pay to play more or to play the max level. No subscription fee, ever. Yeah, they had a cash shop, and so will GW2, but neither one will ever affect game balance or be buy-to-win. Cosmetic items, extra storage, more character slots, etc. Odd that Blair didn't bother to correct Sessler, but maybe she didn't know.

    ArenaNet needs to make the rest of their FAQ a trailer, already.

    Posted: September 1, 2011 12:39 AM
  • Weeksie

    Everyone posting about the rosters, you didn't listen. They were playing the game before the release date, there was no automatic update at the time. He was using a different method to change the roster, which apparently is now useless due to the update.

    Sports games shouldn't cost 60$ at release. Anyone ever try to sell a sports game thats a year old? You won't get more then 20$ They're a dime a dozen, and make the upgrades to CoD sequels seem like gaming milestones in comparison.

    Posted: August 31, 2011 11:55 PM
  • kings_legacy

    To myself, Gamestop is like Dr Evil. You never know what crazy thing they are going to do next

    Posted: August 31, 2011 11:45 PM
  • shallowbay88

    Hey Greg olson isnt on my team any more!!!

    Posted: August 31, 2011 10:48 PM
  • MicrosoftPaysMeToo

    Updating the roster does not take 45 mins at all. Just go into an online game and it will update automatically. It takes about 10 seconds.

    Posted: August 31, 2011 9:58 PM
  • Wozman23

    I'm glad you guys are keeping the censor guy employed. Times are tough so I bet he's happy to be provided with a reliable job.

    Also, Feedback, videogames.

    Posted: August 31, 2011 9:28 PM
  • masterfulconfection

    so mike doesn't think baseball is a real sport??? ok......

    Posted: August 31, 2011 9:12 PM
  • kyoput

    Great episode! More profanity laced tirades! They deserve it.

    Leah is adorable.

    FEEDBACK!!!!!! VIDEO GAMES!!!!!!

    Posted: August 31, 2011 8:43 PM