Diablo 3 Gameplay Preview

Posted: August 3, 2011
Diablo 3 Gameplay Preview
Adam Sessler descends upon the Blizzard campus and gets his hands on the Diablo 3 beta, and visits with Exec. VP Rob Pardo to talk combat, loot gathering, character classes, and more.

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Diablo III (PC)

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  • Madav

    Hah, shows Pardo knows zip about the Diablo franchise; saying it's not a competitive multiplayer game. That's all people did was compete once they played through the campaign the first time: Whether it be racing to the top of ladder, or finding that edge via upgrade and that perfect build to topple all the rest in duels out in the Blood Moore.

    I guess it's not his fault seeing as Blizz North was fired for no apparent reason other than a corporate take-over by Vivendi, but still he has no clue and shouldn't even be speaking on such things. It's just such a shame what Blizzard has become: They're all about the benjamins and couldn't care less what true fans of Diablo think.

    Posted: August 7, 2011 6:48 PM
  • hellterskelter89

    Damn I'm tired of seeing gameplay. I just want the game to come out. This wait time is driving me insane!

    Posted: August 3, 2011 10:26 PM