The Weapons of Comic-Con 2011

Posted: July 23, 2011
The Weapons of Comic-Con 2011
Sara Underwood loves a man who's packing, and she hits the Comic-Con 2011 show floor for all kinds of heat like The Red Queen from Devil May Cry, Commander Shepard's Mass Effect 3 M8 Rifle, Catwoman's whip, and her favorite, the 6' 10" gentle giant Sam.

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  • OchoaJason

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    Posted: July 26, 2011 2:16 PM
  • hito157

    OMG her vagina is on my neck, giggidy

    Posted: July 26, 2011 12:44 PM
  • AndyS

    Sara should wear this outfit for every video.

    Posted: July 25, 2011 11:01 PM
  • Ewoc

    I love you whip lady with cat ears.

    Posted: July 24, 2011 3:23 PM
  • evvera

    i saw here bra! woooo! hahahaha! more more! omgroflol

    Posted: July 24, 2011 12:14 PM
  • Thakker

    Big guy must be packin up the toilet everytime he takes a dump

    Posted: July 24, 2011 10:53 AM
  • asills

    Sara should have been asking "Who runs Bartertown?" while on the back of the giant.

    Posted: July 24, 2011 9:07 AM
  • Arm3g3don

    That tall guy looks like the dinosaur minions off of Super Mario Bros. the movie. Tiny head in relationship to his body! Massive dude, damn.

    Posted: July 24, 2011 2:16 AM
  • hootman

    And she was never heard from again.

    Posted: July 23, 2011 9:48 PM
  • Starbuccaneers

    OMG, they've killed Sara!

    Posted: July 23, 2011 9:32 PM