Adam Sessler's Comic-Con Experience

Posted: July 20, 2011
Adam Sessler's Comic-Con Experience
Adam Sessler shares with you his most memorable experiences at Comic-Con. Take a seat and listen to his wonderful stories of comics, toys, and bad haircuts.

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  • Teepo 64

    Well, everyone is a hater till you get close enough to punch them in the face. Honestly, I'm a fan. I follow you on Twitter (@Teepo_64). Definitely my favorite "video game guy" in the industry.

    Posted: July 23, 2011 5:10 AM
  • Masquerade_Assassin

    I lol'd. Hard to imagine a TV host being a fanboy. Figure i'd go to comic con in an Assassin's Creed outfit.

    Posted: July 21, 2011 8:11 AM
  • luiskami

    00:16 far right, nuff said!!!

    Posted: July 20, 2011 11:19 PM
  • lucidity

    http://www.joystiq.com/2008/06 /23/new-study-compares-360-ps3 -consumers/

    "Most interesting amongst the somewhat sparse research points was the age breakdown of console owners. Experian pegs Xbox 360 owners at being within the average age range of 35-44, while placing PS3 users as being over 44 on average. Other than age, the report shows that both 360 and PS3 owners share similar interests (board games, go-carting), and both reportedly watch less television than non-gamers polled (um, probably because they're playing games instead)."

    One can always tell a defeated person by their attempts at lying.

    Posted: July 20, 2011 4:30 PM
  • DPsx72

    That's what happens when you play favorites with the 360... First you misspell a few things, then you forget punctuation and spacing. The last step is you stop using whole words. Truly, nothing makes people stupider than the 360. I don't think it's solely because the userbase is under 12 years old.

    Posted: July 20, 2011 3:08 PM
  • Ben999999

    Best and Worse? I'm losing hope in humanity.

    Posted: July 20, 2011 2:39 PM