Bungie 20th Anniversary: Bungie Day

Posted: July 7, 2011
Bungie 20th Anniversary: Bungie Day
For Bungie's 20th birthday, Morgan Webb gets the scoop on Bungie Day and hears from Design Dir. Joseph Staten and Community Mgr. Eric Osborne on what the company's legacy means to its employees, and its fans.

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  • attackfan

    bungie was great but i think that the new halo might be just as good if not a lot better then the ones they made

    Posted: November 6, 2011 5:05 PM
  • Shelburn

    Really nice video. Love those guys. Sad to see them leave Halo but I know it's in good hands and I'm looking forward to what they do next!

    Posted: July 10, 2011 5:20 PM
  • AngelsandDemons

    Congrats...I wish all development teams took such pride in their work, openly expressed gratitude to their fans, and worked so hard to provide consistent quality gaming experiences.

    Posted: July 10, 2011 9:33 AM
  • dukeletoatreides

    I wonder if the devs @ Bungie felt lost or relieved once they concluded their work the the masterpiece that is HALO? That's a lot of years to work on one franchise.

    Posted: July 9, 2011 3:08 PM
  • firecloud42

    I got to shake Joseph Staten at PAX09...that was a big moment for me

    oh and Thanks Bungie for all the great games

    Posted: July 7, 2011 9:33 PM