CoD: Black Ops Shangri-La Easter Egg Guide "Time Travel Will Tell" Achievement

Posted: July 5, 2011
CoD: Black Ops Shangri-La Easter Egg Guide "Time Travel Will Tell" Achievement
Need to learn how to get the "Time Travel Will Tell" achievement in Call of Duty: Black Ops zombie map, Shangri-La? Our good friend, DarkXMedia, created a in-depth tutorial on how to achieve this tough achievement.

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  • BulletNinja42

    right. could you repeat that?i didnt quite catch the all of it part.

    Posted: July 22, 2011 6:02 PM
  • augustoorozco

    how do people find these things?

    Posted: July 10, 2011 2:49 PM
  • inkedtip

    anybody that doesnt have the achievement, and wants to get it. Add me up, and lets try to get this one with a squad. (vOiD) inkedtip

    Posted: July 7, 2011 2:35 PM
  • UnArmed_Man99

    This will help me out big time, now all I need is thrree people with mics to actually do the acheivement. I have made it three times to the gongs and then someone always gets timed out or leaves.

    Posted: July 6, 2011 5:37 PM
  • Undefinedcoot85

    me no speaky smart like duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhh

    Posted: July 6, 2011 4:26 PM
  • Undefinedcoot85

    that is one hell of an easter egg

    Posted: July 6, 2011 4:24 PM
  • KindredEX

    There's a point where you have to ask yourself, "Why?"....

    Posted: July 6, 2011 1:04 PM
  • coolbro70002

    i wonder if halo 4 is gonna be better

    Posted: July 6, 2011 10:10 AM
  • Ewoc

    Jesus, that''s quite elaborate.

    Posted: July 6, 2011 8:53 AM
  • martymar82

    Jesus this guy mumbles way too much!

    Posted: July 6, 2011 7:51 AM
  • ZoibergJesus15

    Im sorry, but could you please speak slower and louder.

    Posted: July 6, 2011 1:24 AM
  • JohnM79


    Posted: July 5, 2011 9:47 PM
  • ForrestGump70

    hell NO!

    Posted: July 5, 2011 9:16 PM
  • mathanius

    no.....just no.

    Posted: July 5, 2011 8:43 PM
  • MT_Obsidian

    That seems insanely hard... O_o

    Posted: July 5, 2011 8:40 PM
  • jrolson

    These are way to many steps, im I suppose to memorize this? lol

    Posted: July 5, 2011 8:10 PM