Feedback -- Supreme Court Video Game Ruling

Posted: June 29, 2011
Feedback -- Supreme Court Video Game Ruling
In this episode Feedback, Adam Sessler goes to court with the G4tv.com team and discuss about the recent ruling the Supreme Court made on the California law forbidding the sale or rental of violent games to minors.

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  • RadioactiveTaco779

    While I do agree that hunting games should go away, the actual sport should not. Hunting keeps the animal populace in check, Nikole, which in turn keeps the ecosystem in tact. Us hunters don't just kill animals because we like seeing them dead.

    Posted: June 29, 2011 8:17 PM
  • Theeliminator2k

    If you want free food it has to be, the food is free but the fork, knife, napkins, drink, class, plate, would cost money. lol

    Posted: June 29, 2011 7:49 PM
  • That_Dan_Guy

    Guild Wars 2 sounds interesting, but I'd like to see MMOs incorporate more than keyboard and mouse action. We have the Kinect with motion detection, the Move with similar capabilities, and we have had microphones and voice recognition for years but yet here we are evolving into hunched over cubicle monkeys. It would be great if we could combine these technologies into a new MMO platform where I can do hand and body motions and say magic words to actually perform the spells in the game.

    Posted: June 29, 2011 6:11 PM
  • AxeX1606

    Adam looks like an 80's porn star with that shirt.

    Posted: June 29, 2011 4:57 PM
  • Onikinou

    f the ford fiesta

    Posted: June 29, 2011 4:56 PM
  • Tigerslim

    Casey, your lack in faith of SWTOR is disturbing.

    Posted: June 29, 2011 4:01 PM
  • Davconn62

    Children have been exploring our "dark side" for centuries... probably since we lived in caves. Look at the original Grims' Fairy tales. Some of those stories are gruesome beyond belief. As children, we need to learn to bring our darkness out in creative - not harmful - ways, and video games are at the end of a long line of art forms that have allowed us to do just that. My problem is facing the fact that Scalia actually said something with which I can agree. And that's upsetting me.

    Posted: June 29, 2011 3:42 PM
  • Cyex

    Even with this law stopped it will take a while before video games stop being a folk devil for many insular people. Though with the rapid rise in the video game industry people will probably slowly come to understand video games as a entertaining media, interactive medium, and art-form.

    Posted: June 29, 2011 3:28 PM
  • GlyphJJ

    Long-time Guild Wars 2 fan here. If anyone is new to the game search for 'Guild Wars 2 Manifesto' on Youtube. That video really communicates some of the core things that make Casey (and myself) excited.

    Hope to see you on the forums!

    Posted: June 29, 2011 3:12 PM
  • GlyphJJ

    If you want to know about the features that make Casey excited about Guild Wars 2 go to Youtube and search 'Guild Wars 2 Manifesto'. It breaks down some of the basic things ArenaNet is doing differently. But honestly, there is even wayyyyy more cool changes than even that video shows.

    Posted: June 29, 2011 3:05 PM
  • Mashpotaters

    SCOTUS sounds funny because it's like mixing the words scrotum and anus. That's the only reasoning I can think off.

    Posted: June 29, 2011 2:38 PM
  • JackPoint

    Good talk. But I will say this about free-to-play MMOs (having played the hell out of a lot of them and the paid ones). Most of them lack a certain fun-factor. They are addicting because you can acquire new gear, not because the actual game play is fun. In general, going f2p means that the production value on actual gameplay is going to go way down, but the production value on "fluff" will shoot through the roof. And not good fluff, like lore. Hats and novelty pets are what I am talking about.

    While there is certainly nothing finacially wrong with this model, I take offense to it because it waters down game quality. I think the best model so far for an MMO (even though it has been debated whether it actually qualifies as an MMO) is the one guild wars uses. Pay for the box, pay for the expansions, the game is subscription-fee free. If you make a solid, addicting game on a decent schedual, they have proven that it is a viable way of doing things, and I think it holds the developers to a higher standard than either f2p or premium games are held to. Which is not only a good thing for the developers of that game, but the MMO industry as a whole.

    Posted: June 29, 2011 2:35 PM
  • Nomen

    You guys do realize that Half Life 2 Episode 3 was at E3 right?

    Posted: June 29, 2011 2:35 PM
  • hcdude123

    If any disgruntled parents are worried about their children playing violent video games, and think that they may mentally harm them, I have an idea. Know your children. If they know what's real and what isn't, or if they don't, talk to them about what's real and what isn't. If your child isn't mentally ill and/or stupid, then this should hopefully fix the problem. Be a decent parent. Tell your children the difference between real and fake, and have a conversation about it. Update the conversation every once in a while and guess what happened to your kids. They might've turned out okay.

    Don't blame the video game industry if your child does something stupid. Blame yourself for not teaching them the difference between real and fake. Use video game violence to prompt this conversation.

    Just do your job as a parent. If your children are intelligent, mentally well, have common sense, and know the difference between realistic and unrealistic, then what harm will violence in media do?

    If I am thirteen and am able to figure this out, can Leland Yee, Jack Thompson, and Hillary Clinton catch up?

    Posted: June 29, 2011 2:26 PM
  • natethehero

    Listening to Casey talk about Guild Wars 2 was awesome. It's nice to see a big site like G4 starting to cover the game more. I'm all for SW:TOR, but I'm far more interested in Guild Wars 2, because Arenanet is really trying to make an MMO that is ALWAYS fun to play, and never a chore.

    Posted: June 29, 2011 2:05 PM
  • Zmaster

    More Feedbacks with Casey please!!

    Posted: June 29, 2011 2:00 PM
  • tinymhg

    Love the show! But why a different group every week?

    Posted: June 29, 2011 1:46 PM
  • mattchuuu1

    Steve's idea of free-to-eat already happens. Panda Express last week gave a free entree meal to anyone after 9 pm. Chic-fil-a has given a free chicken biscuit for a day, and Jack in the Box has given free tacos at least a couple of times that I know about. Of course, our desire to eat is primal and stronger than our desire to game, so they don't have to offer these free meals very often to get us to come back once we've had just a taste.

    Posted: June 29, 2011 1:08 PM
  • Jackles2012

    Thanks for showing some love for Guild Wars 2! Cannot wait to try it out myself!

    Posted: June 29, 2011 1:04 PM
  • FireandNight

    This was a good feedback, just like most of the others =D

    Just wanted to post this. About free to play games, World of Warcraft just released that it is now forever free to play until level 20, removing the 14/10 day trial.

    http://arstechnica.com/gamin g/news/2011/06/world-of-warcra ft-is-now-free-until-level-20- core-games-drop-in-price.ars
    About video games being a more impactful medium of art, I think it depends more so on your surroundings and imagination than specifically on the art. Books have great impact because they are generally read in a quiet area where you can get completely absorbed by the book. The book is close to you and all you have in your line of sight is the book, allowing you to get absorbed with no interfering stimulation from other sources. With a video game, you are generally sitting a dozen feet from the screen, probably with the lights on, sound going, in a larger area, which would result in a larger area that can distract you when compared to how you read.
    When you're reading, you can instantly pull back from the book, look around, and think about the book, what you think is happening, what the characters may do. But with a game, you can do the same thing, but that would involve pausing the game and muting the sound. However, there isn't much more to imagine other than the potential of what will happen later, because the voices of the characters, the sounds, and the action and visualization is already there. On top of that, you can test things in a game, so your imagination can't roam as far... You think "Hey, maybe I can jump over

    Posted: June 29, 2011 12:42 PM