Duke Nukem Forever Video Review

Posted: June 27, 2011
Duke Nukem Forever Video Review
Duke Nukem Forever, after 13 years of stops and starts and teasing in between, has arrived. Could it possibly live up to a decade of hopes and hype? Adam Sessler weighs in with our review.

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  • Hitman_Mr.47

    Remember how many thumb downs I get when I said this game looked awful and will be awful?

    Well look what happened.

    Posted: June 27, 2011 7:09 PM
  • rattyredemption

    dnf is currently number 1 in the uk charts, and gearbox say it's selling well despite the critics hating on it, so i would imagine they will make a sequel.

    Posted: June 27, 2011 6:38 PM
  • rattyredemption

    dnf is currently number 1 in the uk charts, and gearbox say it's selling well despite the critics hating on it.

    Posted: June 27, 2011 6:34 PM
  • manhattanbaby

    Looks to me like Sessler's libtard sensibilities were offended.....have you ever previously played a Duke Nukem game Adam? The only thing that has changed in the Duke Nukem world is the oppressive hell called "political correctness" that we all have to endure...and Sess...c'mon man first you whine like a little baby about the COD "xFAGSx" advert...now this? I am liking you, and Xplay less and less anymore....

    Posted: June 27, 2011 6:07 PM
  • Xosis

    Women thing wasn't so surprising, in fact I was surprised at sessler's surprise. This sucks though, because now NO ONE will make another Duke Nukem game...or someone that could have made an actually good one.

    Posted: June 27, 2011 5:46 PM
  • TorqueBacklash

    I was not going to be surprised if the game got a 1 or a 2. The hope for a 2 was on X-play's interpretation of atmosphere. I rented this game through games fly but I cant see people buy this game. If you like Duke, its cool, but everyone knew how this game would be and it is not a surprise.

    Posted: June 27, 2011 5:46 PM
  • rattyredemption

    anyone seriously interested in dnf should watch some of the youtube playthroughs of it, for example darksydephil's is a lot of fun and shows the game running on a pc isn't as bad as the main stream gaming media are making it out to be. it's not perfect either, but don't just go by the reviews of g4, gametrailers and ign etc especially as they all reviewed the xbox version which has the most bugs and longest load times. pc load times are much faster. the game is also selling well, so that should tell you something.

    Posted: June 27, 2011 5:39 PM
  • Taragoola

    It's almost a shame. I was kind of looking forward to wrecking some stuff with Duke again. But on the other hand it was bound to be awful with the decade of hype. Then there's the fact that Duke has always been a Army of Darkness sort of thing in that it was awful on purpose in a way that was awesome. The way Adam describes Forever just seems awful though. :( On another random note, was it really surprising this game had a bad attitude towards women?

    Posted: June 27, 2011 4:57 PM
  • JMannWannabe


    Posted: June 27, 2011 4:51 PM
  • Chunky_2336

    this isnt going to be pretty...

    Posted: June 27, 2011 4:50 PM