SSF4: AE "Yang Combos" Video Guide

Posted: June 23, 2011
SSF4: AE "Yang Combos" Video Guide
Learn how to perform Yang's combos in Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition with our helpful guide video to beat the competition.

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  • xZOMBIEx

    I only watched the Evil Ryu and this one and I hate to say it, but these combo videos are very poorly done. First you ramble on to much, secondly what your saying and how to do it does not what's showing on the screen.

    It would have been 100 times better and easier to understand/follow if you edited out when you missed or messed up the combo and showed it in slow motion either before or after the normal speed as well as saying exactly what to do when its going through in slow motion. As well as showing input commands.

    At first I had to keep going back and re-watch a combo that I thought I could pull off, but then it got to confusing because I had to go to much back to watch your mistakes in order to hear the inputs and then try to memorize what you said when you actually pulled off the combo.

    There's a LOT better combo tutorial videos out there on youtube compared to these ones. I gave up watching the other two because I knew they would have been exactly the same and confusing as the two I watched.

    Posted: June 27, 2011 3:06 PM