Ghost Recon: Future Soldier E3 Gameplay Demo

Posted: June 7, 2011
Ghost Recon: Future Soldier E3 Gameplay Demo
Cloaking devices are just the start in hi-tech Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. Redstorm's Tommy Jacob joins Adam Sessler and Candace Bailey to check out new classes, weapons/equipment and more in this Ghost Recon: Future Soldier E3 2011 gameplay demo video.

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  • mildpooptastic

    Game looks great, but man I wish there was not a guy with a muffled megaphone at the next booth messing up the sound.

    Posted: June 9, 2011 7:03 AM
  • xK90x

    WAIT!!!! WTF!!! I hope to god that he said the wrong thing he said march 2012 to my knowledge it is scheduled to be released on the 1st of october 2011. I will be PISSED if they have pushed it back again.

    Posted: June 8, 2011 8:07 PM
  • Jean_Havoc

    Funny the way Candice says Solider

    Posted: June 8, 2011 6:01 PM
  • totalkinggodo

    i think the game looks good not the best but the cloaking looks awesome and the gunsmith looks like a good feature.Then the whole multi player experiance sounds good.

    Posted: June 8, 2011 4:48 PM
  • redsauceonpasta

    Looks amazing. My only problem is the seemingly massive recoil. I mean, just look at the crosshairs and the screen every time somebody fires. Ubisoft, though they've gotten so much better at making games in recent years, still can't get certain basic mechanics down to a reasonable level for me. He emptied an entire magazine from that mp7 and I don't think he even hit air. Make shooting just a little bit smoother and it'll be all gravy. I know, I know, I'm bitching about such a little thing, but I really do think the game looks awesome.

    Posted: June 8, 2011 3:49 PM
  • TuffLuv72

    Ghost Recon is for people who think thing through, COD is for mindless runners and gunners. Plus they never change anything important. They're to scared to change anything big, apparently afraid their sales will suffer. But that game play is so stale its not even funny. I think its more or less a game for little kids. When your brain reachs a certain stage of developement, theoretically it should hunger for more. Hopefully Future Soldier will help fell the void and become the next thinking man's shooter.

    Posted: June 8, 2011 11:05 AM
  • claptrap

    So.... I can play MW3 and do the same thing over and over and over again that I've done in those games or, I could be totally badass and play this?

    Tough choice. /sarcasm

    Posted: June 8, 2011 4:57 AM