Official The Darkness 2 Gameplay E3 Trailer

Posted: June 2, 2011
Official The Darkness 2 Gameplay E3 Trailer
Dive back into The Darkness as Jackie Estacado. The story continues and is full of gory, shooting action in this Darkness 2 E3 2011 gameplay trailer.

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  • Civilian_Zero

    Super disappointed by their re-imagining of so much of the core of the source material. I understand not wanting a green and yellow costume, but turning the darkness into nothing more than some long, snake arms and a way to summon a couple minions is beating it with the nerf stick a little hard. In the comic, Jackie likes to remind people he doesn't need guns anymore, but that's certainly not true for this incarnation. Also, he's basically bulletproof. Normal humans give him no trouble, only supernatural enemies have ever even made him lose his breath. This is like making a superman game where his only power is moving kinda fast and punching people hard and having him fight street thugs who can somehow manage to kill him if he's not careful. /rant

    Posted: June 2, 2011 2:34 PM