Fear 3 "Scoring" Trailer

Posted: May 19, 2011
Fear 3 "Scoring" Trailer
FEAR 3 offers a choice: Do you work with your dark sibling to progress and create an unbeatable team score? Or do you stab them in the back to take the points and become Alma's favorite son? It's a whole new kind of family feud in FEAR 3. Check it out.

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    This game looks very awesome...I am very glad they pushed the release date. That is what you have to do to make a good game these days. It takes time not just 1 year. It takes 3-5 years to make a quality game.

    Posted: May 22, 2011 4:23 PM
  • monkeyarmpits

    Best game series ever!! I'm sure this installment won't be a disappointment (I'm hoping).

    Posted: May 20, 2011 5:20 PM
  • blackiechan102

    This game looks sick as all get out!

    Posted: May 20, 2011 2:56 PM