Brink ""Ready and Able Abilities" Gameplay Trailer

Posted: April 5, 2011
Brink ""Ready and Able Abilities" Gameplay Trailer
Brink releases a new gameplay trailer showcasing some of the abilities players can unlock while upgrading their persistent characters. Check out the "Ready and Able" trailer for Brink.

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  • brentc76

    I like the looks of this game though I wonder if there will be maps or will it always be the same place?
    I just hope it will be a good contender with the other shooters out there we need some new concepts and new blood instead of waiting from year to year to see if there will be a new Cod, BBC, or Halo in the works.

    Posted: April 12, 2011 4:11 AM
  • demondogg187

    Can't wait, it's just way to awsome!!!

    Posted: April 7, 2011 3:18 PM
  • MT_Obsidian

    I am SO excited for this! Parkour and guns and customization and strategy! What could be better?? :P

    Posted: April 7, 2011 1:11 PM
  • StrongTyr

    I am not so sure about this game... I want it to be good, but if you notice at 1:05 the pistol slide isn't moving. Shows a certain lack of polish.

    Posted: April 6, 2011 6:05 AM
  • Ryzen7

    I hope this game does well or atleast keeps me with it until Battle Field 3 OR, better yet, I love it so much i play BOTH :D

    Posted: April 5, 2011 1:16 PM