Prizank'd! Part 3: Not A Bucket Over the Door Again

Posted: April 1, 2011
Prizank'd! Part 3: Not A Bucket Over the Door Again

Prizank'd! Part 3: Not A Bucket Over the Door Again

Geoff pranks Tizzer back huge -- not with a bucket over the door, but with something way more effective and hilarious. Prizank'd!

See some of the original videos from this episode of WEB SOUP in their natural habitat:

Buttered Floor Prank
He COULD believe it's not butter...and look what happened.

Baseball Bat to the Head
Sometimes people are their own worst enemy, and when that's the case, it's best they not arm themselves with a baseball bat swinging erratically near their cranium.

Closet Prank Scare Fail
A law of physics decides to prank a guy who is pranking a guy. Justice applauds.

Sledgehammer Nut Shot Prank Goes Wrong
To some, even a successful nut shot prank is a failed nut shot prank...but those people never met this guy.

Cat Box Prank
Sure, maybe you've put a cardboard box over the head of an unsuspecting friend while he sleeps. Who hasn't? But might we suggest adding a few extra steps...and cats.

Antique Prank
We would just like to commend this antique prank victim for his exceptionally calm demeanor. If he'd like the name of our realtor, we'd be happy to oblige.

Giant Lizard in Bed Prank
Is that a giant lizard in your bed, or are you just happy to have your friends scare the living hell out of you? Oh, it's a giant lizard.

Angry Sink Prank
So maybe this isn't the most original prank in the world, but there's no denying the comedic power of this angry Dad's obscenity-fueled freak-out...or his faded Mustang t-shirt.

Porta-Potty Prank Fail
Once in a blue moon, the Gods of Prank Karma will part the clouds, furrow their brows and silently wreak their vengeance upon all who would dare believe that a prank comes without a price.

House Is On Fire Prank
The house, the house, the house is on fire...at least in an optical illusion kind of way. Get the dog!!!

Shot of Puke
Cover your eyes and guard your gag reflex as we watch this poor unfortunate soul down a shot glass full of sick. Don't worry, he scored $100 for his trouble...wait...only $100? Okay, worry. It's Things You Can't Un-See!

Tortoise Flip
Even in nature, you can always count on a friend to help you out of a tight spot. Case in point, this week's adorable Palette Cleanser featuring a hard-shelled Good Samaritan and a flip to remember.

Angry Grandpa Airhorn Prank
The progeny of your progeny is your enemy. It's the Greatest Prank Video Ever...this week.



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