Feedback -- Crysis 2 & Homefront Is Where The War Is

Posted: March 23, 2011
Feedback -- Crysis 2 & Homefront Is Where The War Is
In this edition of Feedback, Adam Sessler and the gang give their thoughts on the Japan tsunami/quake disaster and how it effects the gaming world. Also, the gang signs up for war when discussing about Crysis 2 and Homefront.

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  • The Monkey King

    I'm 70-30 on single player versus multiplayer.

    If a game has an extremely strong single player campaign, I could care less about the multiplayer, no matter how amazing it is. When I think back on that game, I'll think "Hey, that game had a really good campaign."

    But if it has a lackluster campaign and a great multiplayer, I'll tend to think about the multiplayer more, but also keep in mind that the single player wasn't as good.

    It seems like every game nowadays has to have some form of multiplayer or co-op to flourish in this market. Although it annoys me slightly, it also brings out interesting takes on the multiplayer component such as with Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood and Dead Space 2's multiplayer.

    In my opinion, the best game of all time is Shadow of the Colossus, which was a single-player only game. Compare that to, say, M.A.G. which is multiplayer only, I lean towards SotC more because of how good the story is.

    Posted: March 23, 2011 6:14 PM
  • Broheimer

    I miss Abbie but Nikole is growing on me.

    Posted: March 23, 2011 5:30 PM
  • gamerjes

    Oddly, I expected someone to say Metroid for their favorite suit.

    Posted: March 23, 2011 5:27 PM
  • Thogin

    I think a lot of people are confusing multiplayer with people shooting each other...

    multiplayer can also mean co-op... and that is what i want.... co-op.. a good co-op game create experiences like no other...

    so suck it....

    multiplayer is alright... bad multiplayer is like a knife into the soul... you don't know why your hurting and you can pull it out

    Posted: March 23, 2011 5:17 PM
  • Kasai123

    D20 behind Adam

    Posted: March 23, 2011 4:42 PM
  • keefers_si

    Multiplayer does more to annoy me than anything else. Fable 3 was the worst offender creating gameplay mechanics in the single player in an attempt to force to go online. Really didn't like that.

    Also, I need an Enemies in the Hooters T-Shirt badly.

    Posted: March 23, 2011 4:12 PM
  • Mitchellisalive

    Several things to say right now.

    I want more fullfilling single player games. I don't care for multiplayer outside of whats already working unless it adds variety ex. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, Crysis 2. I only want something if its making a new feel rather than continuously reinventing the wheel.

    There should be a soundboard of all the things Steven Johnson says.

    Nikole Zivalch makes me happy and she should be on the show more often.

    Adam I wish you would use more obscure references so I can feel special for knowing what you're referring too.

    Posted: March 23, 2011 3:10 PM
  • JKING2012

    Haha "IM The BIG Daddy Now!"

    My suit would be leisure suite Larry.

    He walks around drinking, He can pee in public, AND Its pretty pimp!

    Posted: March 23, 2011 2:55 PM
  • kdub53

    Loved the Halflife discussions. Kudos to Nicole for the Gordon Suit.

    Posted: March 23, 2011 2:17 PM
  • McBeesj

    I have to have a Team Deathmatch multiplayer game at all times, I only need one game at a time, but I have to have a multiplayer game that I can jump onto fast at 11pm at night or later and will end up playing it for 150+ hours, I also play a single player game to accompany it using gamefly, so I keep the multiplayer game and just rent all of the singleplayer games, they are two completely different game experiences

    Posted: March 23, 2011 2:02 PM
  • KilledFirst

    The so-called hardcore gamers are the same ones who can't play COD without the AIM ASSIST on. LOL NOOBS that are so good they need the game to do it for them.

    Posted: March 23, 2011 1:42 PM
  • weejer32

    i like everything, but if any thing i like more of a single player immersive experience. multiplayer doesn't give you the personal feel of saving the world or destroying a bad guy like a good story that makes you care can. the thing i hate most is a tacked on multiplay, i mean at least work on it.

    Posted: March 23, 2011 1:39 PM
  • DragonLord1123

    I would like the N7 suit that Shepard has in Mass Effect. I think that Assassins Creed Brotherhood and Dead Space 2 could have still done well without multiplayer. I also think that Duke Nukem is changing the face of shooters. Ken ROCKS! I am waiting for your 3DS reviews. I do play single player more than multiplayer and I could live without multiplayer, but some games do it well. I think I will skip Homefront and wait on Crysis. I want Mortal Kombat and LA Noire so bad right now. See you next week.

    Posted: March 23, 2011 1:35 PM
  • McBeesj

    I am sorry dude but I really do not like Steven Johnson, he may be a cool guy but his general comments and attitude on the show really annoy me, people like indie games for a small amount of time and full games for a long period of time, dude there is room both both and a reason we pay less for DL games. I cannot believe he wrote that article about wedare a few weeks ago, he is trying to be a shock jock without having content, just stupid statements stitched together with an annoying laugh. Adam, Kevin K, Matt Kiel, and Jake G or the guy with the glasses and never change it pleeese

    Posted: March 23, 2011 1:35 PM
  • Mystyr_E

    all this talk of FPS games makes me miss Abbie

    Posted: March 23, 2011 1:23 PM
  • Camazing

    Man, Steve was on fire this episode.

    "That's how I got this shirt..."
    Nobody laughed in studio, but I definitely was here.
    Stealing drunken hobos clothing was hilarious too.

    Posted: March 23, 2011 12:43 PM
  • topgamer101

    Interesting show as always, thanks for making it.

    And now for my brown nosing moment:
    You looked very cute in your outfit today Nikole. <3

    Posted: March 23, 2011 12:37 PM
  • Lawrence123

    Best Suit is my Ranger Battle Armor from Fallout 3 +1 Luck +10 Small Guns and Energy Weapons

    Posted: March 23, 2011 12:31 PM
  • plowtheline61

    i do not want multi-player i want a long very strong fun single player, by the way co-op and multi-player are completely different. I am sick of multi-player i do not want any more. i can not wait for portal 2, Rage, skyrim, zelda skyward sword, and most of all half life 3

    Posted: March 23, 2011 12:28 PM
  • rightiknow

    I love that Crysis 2's singleplayer is as deep as it's multiplayer. Crysis 2 makes me feel like a one man army, where as other modern shooters make me feel like a choiceless drone. Way to go Crytek/EA!

    Posted: March 23, 2011 12:25 PM