Exclusive Spider-Man News from Marvel

Posted: March 22, 2011
Exclusive Spider-Man News from Marvel

Blair Butler covers the latest news from the comic book world, including breaking news from Marvel about Spider-Man, a review of Freakangels and Gotham Central--and she shows off her mutant powers!

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  • comicbookgeek69

    I would like to say this before anyone take this the wrong way. I've been a big fan of this show for a long time and I still love the show even though there are still some problems with it but I do over look those and still enjoy the heck out of this. And I've been a fan of fresh ink, it was the first video web show that showed me a lot about comics. After a while I watched other reviews shows like atop the fourth wall and listen to the league of extremely ordinary gentlemen, and I have learn a lot more about comics. Now to get to the point of which I'm about to say is wow blair really. First about spider-man and that his whole world will turn upside down. Should we count the number of times that a lot stuff keep happening to him let us count the ways: Death of Gwen Stacy, The Clone saga, Finding out that peters' parents where alive expect that they weren't his parents they were just robots, and finally One More Day. And to any body who is a big comic book geek may I ask are you even reading spider-man after one more day, or even care what happened to him after one more day? I would like to say that I'm not like everyone I do have my own opinion but COME ON!!!! We all should of go down to marvel and tell Joe Quesada to bring back the original spider-man before he messed him up on one more day. Now with gotham central nothing against it. I really like the book but once again just a sentence of what you said. A particular event on gotham central that you said the DC universe will never be the same again. Now not to repeat myself again really? Let us count the ways again shall: crisis on infinite earths, zero hour: crisis in time, identity crisis, infinite crisis, final crisis, death of superman, world without superman, the return of superman, batman: knightfall, blackest night, brightest day, and sinestro corps war. I just basically named a lot of events that change the entire DC universe. I'm not saying that gotham central may or may not have but seriously just keep in mind of what I said. Like I said I'm a big fan of the show just at times it does get tiring. Maybe I'm the only one who just notice these things and hey I can be wrong I'm a human being just take my words into thought.

    Posted: March 23, 2011 11:57 PM