Star Wars: The Old Republic "Fate of the Galaxy" Trailer

Posted: March 11, 2011
Star Wars: The Old Republic "Fate of the Galaxy" Trailer
The fate of the galaxy is in your hands. Will you be a pawn for the sith empire or become an almighty jedi and restore the old republic? The choice is yours.

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  • JohnM79

    I just want a release date.....

    Posted: March 11, 2011 7:26 PM
  • solutionnyne

    Holy Cow, was that HK-47?!?!

    Posted: March 11, 2011 7:18 PM
  • littleb242

    Yea, this is looking sweet.

    Posted: March 11, 2011 7:02 PM
  • mushwaba

    there just trying to build up as much hype as they can so they can knock WoW of its perch.

    Posted: March 11, 2011 12:49 PM
  • knossis

    The only thing I don't understand about the Star Wars universe is how the technology is exactly the same 5000 years in the past. What they had no technological advancement in the thousands of years up till the first prequel? I always wonder about that. Still really want to play this game will have to invest in a more powerful pc though.

    Posted: March 11, 2011 12:11 PM
  • GamerMark77

    These videos are great to watch and all, but I'd like a release date already. Just sayin.

    Posted: March 11, 2011 11:39 AM
  • Gaflax

    OK, I just had a geek-gasm!!! I want my SWTOR now!!!!

    Posted: March 11, 2011 11:14 AM