X-List: Top 5 Capcom Characters We Want in MvC 3

Posted: February 7, 2011
X-List: Top 5 Capcom Characters We Want in MvC 3
Morgan Webb and Blair Herter run down the 5 Capcom characters we are just dying to see join the cast of the upcoming Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds.

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  • Alexgun619

    They should have put leon from RE 4

    Posted: February 19, 2011 6:23 PM
  • ai0ftw


    Phoenix Wright is the best character in this world!!

    Posted: February 17, 2011 9:55 PM
  • jackiejonesful

    My picks are Demitri, Victor, BB hood ( Baby Bonnie Hood), Q-bee, and Lilth from Darkstalkers

    Posted: February 9, 2011 1:13 PM
  • The Nameless Monster

    Capcom characters from
    God Hand
    Power Stone
    JoJo Bizzarre
    Lost Planet
    and A Giant Zombie Filled Stage where you fight each other and also the zombies that try to Eat you from Re and Dead Rising.
    From Marvel the one's everyone said, But of course once again Alt. costumes for Marvel Zombies.
    zombies.....zombries....robi es....bob-bies...

    Posted: February 9, 2011 10:50 AM
  • johnny_walkerbl

    We need better figthers like Carnage, Punisher,Strider, Hayato, Jin, Blackphanter,Fantastic 4, Demetri, Donovan,Megaman x, Venom, Beast,Capitan commando,Juri,Hakan,Nemesis,Ru fus,Gouken and KEN MASTERS.Step it up, X-play!

    Posted: February 9, 2011 10:24 AM
  • hrey49

    MVC3 better get a dlc of some of the players frome the first two MVC fast!!!

    Posted: February 9, 2011 9:48 AM
  • Mkveli2pac

    Where's Venom??? How can they forget one of the best characters from MVC2? Capcom, I hope you are saving Venom as a surprise last minute announcement. If not, you better fix this FAST!!!!!

    Posted: February 9, 2011 9:07 AM
  • the-Grim-Gamer

    Leon Kennedy he killed thousands of zombes, mutients and the los plaga(RE4), i think he can take on RYU or SPIDER-MAN. and if most of us want him then put him as a downloadable charecter at least. Thums up if im right. Also
    GGGG||IIIII|V|||||||VEEEE||U |||U||SSSS|V|||||||V|EEEE||N|| |N||U||U||M|||||||M
    G|||||||I||||V|||||V|E|||||U |||U||S|||||V|||||V||E|||||NN| |N||U||U||MM|||||MM
    G|GGG|||I|||||V|||V||EEE|||U |||U||SSSS|||V|||V|||EEE|||N|N |N||U||U||M|M|||M|M
    G||G||||I||||||V|V|||E|||||U |||U|||||S||||V|V||||E|||||N|| NN||U||U||M||M|M||M
    GGGG||IIIII|||||V||||EEEE||| UUU|||SSSS|||||V|||||EEEE||N|| |N|||UUU||M|||M|||M
    ............................ ...(Give us venem)........................ .......

    Posted: February 9, 2011 9:02 AM
  • IRSticky

    Phoenix Wright all the way across the sky!

    Posted: February 9, 2011 8:55 AM
  • godzillaisyourdaddy

    I want Vergil from DMC 3 to be in there. They have Trish and Dante, why not have Vergil included for a DMC team? They have the RE team with Wesker, Chris and Jill! It would seem logical to include the other fan favorite from DMC.

    Posted: February 9, 2011 7:22 AM
  • jfury27

    on the capcom side of things what about falcon or wang tang from power stones? how about anyone from the rival schools or power stones line up?
    some bosses like seth from street fighter 4 or something?

    Posted: February 9, 2011 6:37 AM
  • Nerdi_Master

    I have no idea who Phoenix Wright is, all I know is he's a lawyer... How does that make for a good character in a fighting game?

    Posted: February 8, 2011 11:38 PM
  • permanent_nirvana

    I feel that the Marvel side is a little more lacking than the Capcom side.

    Where is Venom? And War Machine?

    Posted: February 8, 2011 10:24 PM
  • DaCaPn0045

    wow what an original, innovative list g4

    Posted: February 8, 2011 9:35 PM
  • V_Translanka

    How 'bout someone from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure? Or, did you know Capcom made the NES video game for Little Nemo (Little Nemo: The Dream Master)? In the game the kid throws candy at animals in order to ride on top of them (or INSIDE THEM!!!) and then gets a funky magic wand that shoots light or something...I'm sure there's more they could draw from the original comic strip or w/e too...but it'd be neat to see Capcom represent their own comic tie-ins...

    Power Stone too because I had a Dreamcast! lol

    Posted: February 8, 2011 9:29 PM
  • stormregime

    well my top marvel would be:

    Mr Sinister
    Dr Octopus
    Luke Cage

    from Capcom
    Bionic Commando
    Fei Long

    Posted: February 8, 2011 8:38 PM
  • chris82080

    I hope some of the obvious, fan-favorite choices, like Gambit, Venom or Strider, which were in the last entry, will make their return but just haven't been announced yet. As far as all-new characters that haven't been in a Vs. fighting game before, I would love to see Capcom's take on Punisher...and please, please, please gimme Samanosuke from Onimusha!!!

    It would also be interesting to see them integrate characters from PowerStone or Cyberbots. Both of these franchises had characers with two forms: Powerstone had regular and superpowered versions of each character and Cyberbots had mech pilots with interesting character designs...or they could just use one of the mechs as an interesting counterpart to Marvel's Sentinel. If you're going with Breath of Fire characters, why not the lion-ish guy (Cray?)...he seems to have a more interesting character design than Ryu...or for that matter, how about the lion guy from Warzard/Red Earth?

    As far as the Marvel side, why not introduce people like Nightcrawler, Elektra, Black Bolt from the Inhumans, Green Goblin or Ghost Rider? I just don't understand the inclusion of so many D-list (and little-known) Marvel characters like MODOK, Taskmaster, Dormammu and Shuma-Gorath when there are so many great (and more popular) characters to choose from! It just seems like a wasted opportunity to not include so many other bigger, better characters. Hopefully Capcom has a bunch of surprise characters up their sleeves for us when the game releases.

    Posted: February 8, 2011 7:12 PM
  • iKickYourBucket

    This list was disappointing. Phoenix Wright #1, really? We need Multiple Man, Carnage, and Havok from Marvel. And Hayato, Jin, and the guy from Lost Planet. Step it up, X-play!

    Posted: February 8, 2011 6:55 PM
  • johnny_walkerbl

    My list of characters this game needs:
    For Marvel:Carnage, Punisher, Fantastic4 (Mr fantastic.Sue.Thin, Human torch), Blackphanter, Beast, lade,Dr.myster,Ms marvel,Sandman Rhino,The Lizard, Nigthcrawler,Onslaught, Spiderwoman, Electro,Venom ulmimate, Capitan marvel.
    For Capcom: Guile, Megaman x, Mr. Bison,Leon kennedy (resident evil 4),Nemesis,Capitan commando,Stryder,Juri,Cody,Guy ,Sagat,Hakan,Ibuki,Makoto,Adon ,Dee jay,Abel,Seth,Rufus,Ken,Dhalsi m,Rose,Sakura,Gouken,E, Honda,Fei long,Gen,Zangief,Evil ryu,Maki,Eagle,Elena,and Demitri n Donovan for Darkstalkers.

    Posted: February 8, 2011 6:14 PM