Dark Souls Debut Trailer

Posted: February 2, 2011
Dark Souls Debut Trailer
Tense dungeon crawling with fearsome creatures and huge blood dragons might be too much for your soul. Check out the first trailer for Dark Souls.

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  • cacdac20

    can't wait... Bless the developers for another great game!

    Posted: June 17, 2011 7:59 AM
  • Zirus91

    Hell Yeah!!! Coming for Xbox.

    Posted: February 3, 2011 11:23 PM
  • GunslingerD7

    God this looks amazing! I want this now! I loved Demon Souls.

    With this & Cursed Crusade there are gonna be some awesome swords & sandals games this year.

    Posted: February 3, 2011 7:03 PM
  • asteroth

    Shivers indeed, but not because of fear but anticipation. If you didnt get any shivers then you didnt play the original demon souls.

    To those that didnt play the original, Demon souls is a dark fantasy sigle player game with so really awesome twist.

    -First, THE GAME IS HARD! Not awful hard but intentionally hard, meaning that every faliure comes with huge rewards and satisfaction. Example: you are faced with a long treacherous road that will have you smashing your face to a wall and you are warded with not only souls and epic loot but also a really convinient shortcut. Another one are really intimidating bosses that offer you death, only when you shed your fear will you ever succed. In this game victories are EARNED not given.

    -Second, when you die the game doesnt throw you a bone, in fact the dificulty is RAISED! WTF? you say, well indeed but with stronger enemies yield better rewards. Again victories are EARNED not given.

    -Third, its a single/multiplayer experience. If you are connected to PSN (or live for Xbox) you see the ghost of other players that are roaming the world the same as you, while you cant talk to them it made for a unique expirience. BUT WAIT, THATS NOT ALL!!! Players can scrible premade messages to each other sharing hits or lies, lies in most cases lol. Also a bloodstain apears on the floor when someone dies showing the player who touched it how that player dies.

    Also adding to this unique multiplayer was the use of phantoms. player can write special mesages that allows other to summon them to their world as BLUE phantoms to aid them in their quest. BUT IN WHAT MAKES FOR ONE OF THE MOST AWESOME TWIST OF THE GAME! If you're loged in PSN another random player can INVADE your worls as a BLACK phantom and try to steal your soul!!!!

    Hope this sheds some unintended ignorance about the game, but I tell you the game is an EXPERIENCE AND SHOULD NO BE PASSSED so I really hope that Xbox user apreciate it as much as we PS3 users did.

    Now about the trailer, OMG Phantoms ARE BACK! the trailer showed Blue ones (although they looked sorta white) and OMFG was that a BLACK Phantom at the end!!! He did give out the iconig red flame look of black phantoms!

    I WANT IT NOW!!!!!!!

    Posted: February 3, 2011 2:57 PM
  • dukeletoatreides

    Still waiting for that shiver...oh wait a moment! Off to play more Deadspace 2.

    Posted: February 3, 2011 9:30 AM
  • NeoHumpty

    Holy crap that is beautiful. I refuse to abuse myself with the kind of difficulty Demon's Souls brought, but it looks damned sweet for masochists.

    Posted: February 3, 2011 9:04 AM
  • seph384

    I see the graphics inproved or the whole quaility did. i wish was only ps3 exclusive so standereds wouldnt be lowered but Im sure it got more funding because of this since its on xbox too of course there gonna add co-op and all the stuff to make it more multiplayer friendly. it already dosent look the same or fighting style they made it more dramatic i guess to get a bigger crowd if you get what im trying to say.. over all im sure this game wont dissapoint i loved demons souls just the graphics were just the issue with me animation too but im sure it was cuz lack of money since didnt know how well it was gonna do.

    Posted: February 3, 2011 7:18 AM
  • ninenightmares

    it looks very good never heard of it but i would love to play it as to sending shivers down my spine im not trying to be ignorant but was it supposed to scare me or get me joyed up to want to buy it because i do want to buy it now but its didnt look to scary again not trying to be ignorant.

    Posted: February 3, 2011 6:25 AM
  • MikesTheGreatest12

    im glad xbox peoples can enjoys the demen hunting. Any way this looks really good and those who say its a sequal its not sony has the rights to demon soul's so FromSoftware calls this a spiritual successor to demon soul's but yea can't wait to get this.

    Posted: February 3, 2011 4:56 AM
  • RickyRevolver

    Well, this game will officially suck.
    They are gonna downgrade the game just to make the 360 community happy...

    Posted: February 3, 2011 4:51 AM
  • Valentinog

    Beat the Demon Soul's New Game plus 3 times! Bring it on!!!

    Posted: February 3, 2011 3:24 AM
  • benmo316

    That gave me shivers!
    The only bad part about that trailer was seeing that Xbox 360 users get to enjoy this game.

    Posted: February 2, 2011 11:18 PM
  • kentla57

    Looks awesome in video, but graphics, game mechanics and play. I seriously hope it is good.

    Posted: February 2, 2011 9:20 PM
  • alivealie

    I can't wait. Demon's Souls had some of the best gameplay and RPG mechanics (in my humble opinion) seen in this current generation of consoles. And frankly, I am kind of glad that FromSoftware changed the title. The possessive apostrophe of the former title is annoying on so many levels. I won't get into that. This game will rob me of another year. Although, I do wish they gave us an actual date. It stinks of possible delays.

    Posted: February 2, 2011 8:35 PM
  • Blue_Vortex

    So it would appear that a console exclusive rpg will end up on the other console through it's sequels.

    Posted: February 2, 2011 8:31 PM
  • 2ply

    There is no doubt in my mind it will be another hit for us PS3 owners though, setting aside $70 for it already! Hope it's a bit harder actually, the AI in the first could have been a bit smarter, once you learn to loop around and stab/knockdown from behind it was pretty easy.

    "Generic" and "Zelda and Dragon Age had a baby"? Are you two serious?

    It's obvious you've never played the first, it is very much in it's own league and catters to the more hardcore rpg crowd, and if you read up on other upcoming rpg's such as Dragon Age 2, they are not exactly being made for us, but rather to be accessible for the masses.

    This game series (too soon for the series word?) is a bit of a rarity in today's market, it's challenging to the point of giving that sense of acomplishment that I thought disapeared in the 8/16bit days, and it is one where that challenge doesn't come from broken controls either.

    That said I think this will kind of goto waste on the 360 market unfortunetly, if it were not for the first game i'm not so sure I would be as interested to be honest, so I can understand ignorance to an extent.

    It's kind of like the case of Mass Effect switching consoles, it just doesn't have the the same impact without the first game.

    Posted: February 2, 2011 8:30 PM
  • jotylr

    First of all camaro72toy is a $%^&* MORON for tryin to compare this game to anything else than Demons Souls.

    Its nowhere near identical to Two Worlds that game blows. Dark Souls or Demons Souls is not even comparable to Dragon Age 1 or 2. Ive beat Demons Souls 4 times let me say agian 4 times and there is no other game like it out there except for Dark Souls which is obviuosly not released yet.

    This series from FROM Software is so dark and wicked itll twist your brain and after you DO die a billion times and actually beat the whole game you will realize it. I hate it when complete morons try to compare games to other games that they have never played just because its an RPG.

    So unless youve played Demons Souls and actually beat it youll never know what type of game Dark Souls is even gunna be.

    NOTHING OUT THERE COMES CLOSE TO DEMONS SOULS OR DARK SOULS, and it sucks that XBOX fan boys will finally get to treat themselves to this wonderful series because when Demons Souls was an exclusive to PS3 all the XBOX fan boys were talking bout how much it was gunna suck. But i guess Namco knows where the money is!

    Posted: February 2, 2011 8:16 PM
  • Rox

    I can't wait to be swearing at my TV because I keep dieing all the !@#$%^& time!

    Posted: February 2, 2011 7:30 PM
  • Aerindel_Prime

    meh, kinda generic.

    Posted: February 2, 2011 7:08 PM
  • prinny_hero

    I really hope there is a faster way to invite PSN friends to your world or improve chat between group members. It takes like 10-15 minutes to get my friends to find my marker, and 2 minutes in game for them to die lol

    Posted: February 2, 2011 6:58 PM