What Makes A Video Game Scary?

Posted: January 28, 2011
What Makes A Video Game Scary?
G4's staff answers a very important question for survival horror fans everywhere: What makes a game scare?


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  • littleb242

    he said jo momma face :)

    Posted: February 2, 2011 12:23 PM
  • Light Buster

    The second one was funny and scary at the same time.

    Posted: January 31, 2011 4:16 PM
  • Don_of_the_Dead

    Overwhelming quiet scares the crap out of me.


    Posted: January 31, 2011 2:13 PM
  • Flight_Eagle

    Yeah! Majora's Mask shoutout! Do the Song of Slow Time and show those aliens what for!

    Posted: January 31, 2011 11:41 AM
  • drangel_jam

    DEAD SPACE series it made me a wuss all over again.

    Seriously, when I was a kid, two movies gave trauma for at least 2 weaks: The Fly, and Dracula. After that, it's like I would crave for the adrenaline of being scared. I enjoy scary movies, scary games, and I'd do it in the dark and with head phones or 5.1 SS if possible. And I've never been shy of taking a five minute break if something gets too intense, like some monsters in Doom 3, watching the tape on the Ring dvd special feature...

    One the best scenes I've ever seen in a scary movie was in "Dead Girl," she is looking at the screen for a few seconds, apparently, directly at me, and then she does the smallest and most simple thing--which I am not about to spoil, and I just fold..."ok, I'm done for now...I need a break."

    Posted: January 31, 2011 10:13 AM
  • Shoods

    Atmosphere definitely plays a role, but for me vulnerability/ scarcity of ammo adds to that. Once I become overpowered through upgrading and conserve more ammo, as it takes less shots to defeat enemies, the fear is diminished. Its no longer scary when you know you can make it through any situation no problem.

    Posted: January 31, 2011 2:02 AM
  • itsjustme2

    resident evil remake is the scariest game ever made

    Posted: January 30, 2011 9:32 PM
  • Armada88

    My mom's face? Not cool, Stephen.
    (Just Kidding, good one, man.)

    Posted: January 30, 2011 7:08 PM
  • setdavidfree

    manhunt was a scary game. it's a shame the sequel sucked so badly

    Posted: January 30, 2011 3:47 PM
  • ZoMbIEx23x

    That last girl was really cute, can we have her as new Aots co-host instead?

    Posted: January 30, 2011 1:10 PM
  • soulst0p

    Condemned: Criminal Origins... going through that last house and following the blacklight words into the basement. Cuz I totally did not want to go in that basement of that creepy house. but they made me.

    Posted: January 30, 2011 11:55 AM
  • FreeHotCarl

    Couldn't play it by myself. Freaked me out.

    Posted: January 30, 2011 10:00 AM
  • jalapenowonmil

    Bears. You're wandering a remote cabin looking for conspiracy figures and you find commando's, torn to shreds by something that seems supernatural. Then a freakin bear shows up!!! And bullets don't do jack!!! Alternatively, you're wandering the great outdoors looking for violet snowdrop and/or sasquatch, all is quiet until you slowly turn the camera and get mauled by a freakin bear!!! Or worse, a freakin ZOMBIE bear!!!

    Posted: January 30, 2011 10:00 AM
  • TheStranger110

    half life 2 ravenholm scared the crap out me all the headcrab zombies and the crazy russian priest was scary

    Posted: January 30, 2011 9:28 AM
  • OneKeithTomany

    Something that scares me is the random noises in the Dead Space series - the one's that make you think something this coming to get you. You creep around every corner and the longer that it takes to figure out where the noise came from, the more tense you get. And the fact that half the time nothing happens and the other half you get ambushed makes it all the more frightening.

    That scene with Nicole in the elevator during the first chapter freaked me out, too.

    Posted: January 30, 2011 12:27 AM
  • horseflesh

    I think a lot of the things mentioned are the kinds of things that make a game scary. But I think in reference to dead space 2, it seems like they're doing something else that I think went unmentioned. And I think that thing is, things you find on a corpse (things that cause death).

    I think some primordial part of us recognizes some things that can kill us. Worms (seen eating a corpse) other largish simple organisms, large things like large cats and bears (anything bigger than us that moves quickly and effectively to kill other things...with claws). When you look at the infected(?) humans in DS, take a look at them, they look like worms with a pair of claws with a made of a former human. (again a frightening thing, because the thing has taken a human, somehow, and turned it into a slave of a kind [loss of freedom]). At least I think this is what they're trying to do in Dead Space.

    I have to give a nod to Stephen here because I agree with him about atmosphere a lot. Being deprived of one or all of your senses when being confronted with something frightening makes it much, much worse.

    Posted: January 29, 2011 11:54 PM
  • 2ply

    I honestly havn't been creeped out by any games for about 15 years.

    Resident Evil 1 scared the pants off me at the time, then 2 was alright but I lost that feeling of it being fresh and unpredictable, and before that it was Friday the 13th on the NES, man I had no business playing that at my age lol!

    So my answer to "what makes games scary" is your age, not the games themselves (or movies for that matter).

    Posted: January 29, 2011 10:19 PM
  • ReaperX30

    Clive Barker's Undying was and is still my top scary game. The atmosphere of that game was so awesome. I've played a lot of creepy games but they never scared me like Undying did. I think It's time dust it off and play it again.

    Posted: January 29, 2011 8:32 PM
  • ReaperX30

    Clive Barker's Undying was and is still my top scary game. The atmosphere of that game was so awesome. I've played a lot of creepy games but they never scared me like Undying did. I think It's time dust it off and play it again.

    Posted: January 29, 2011 8:30 PM
  • crocodilius

    lol poor leah

    Posted: January 29, 2011 7:58 PM