Dragon Age 2 "Ser Isaac of Clarke" Trailer

Posted: January 20, 2011
Dragon Age 2 "Ser Isaac of Clarke" Trailer
Isaac Clarke is entering the world of dragons, but only if you pre-order your copy of Dragon Age 2. Watch Ser Issac of Clarke battle his way through monsters and face more terror in this trailer for Dragon Age 2.

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  • Crankr

    Just one more reason to make a plan to buy it and spend your money on Crysis 2

    Posted: January 20, 2011 5:53 PM
  • TheBRADLeyB

    @Mystyr_e - I don't find the outfit 'futuristic' at all.

    But also I love the intertwining of games. The Blood Dragon Armor for ME2 looked so freaking sweat I had to buy it off eBay (which now the only Armour I use in DA:O is the Blood Dragon Armour)

    Now what I do like about this is so far it doesn't seem that you have to Pre-Order the DS2. Which is HUGE in my eyes. If it's a Pre-order then where you have to Pre-Order Dead Space 2 for the code then that sucks.

    Anyway if people don't want to buy Dead Space 2, they go on eBay or just not get the Suit, honestly it's not some ultra hero suit with the greatest attributes, not to mention it looks like you'll need high Dexterity and who knows what else before you can even use it. (Like needing Strength 38 in the Blood Dragon Armour)

    Posted: January 20, 2011 5:53 PM
  • Mystyr_E

    I don't mind crossovers (Killzone 2 guys in Lost Planet 2 looked surprisingly cool) but this just looks stupid. I mean, futuristic armor in a fantasy game? wha?

    Don't even get me started on people wanting all Dragon Age 2 content needing to buy Dead Space 2 in order to get it. Can you even buy the armor set seperately or what?

    Posted: January 20, 2011 5:41 PM
  • Jigawatt9

    I think it is pretty cool how certain games are intertwining to give out special content. The Blood Dragon Armor in Mass Effect 2 was awesome and for those people who love both Dead Space and Dragon Age this armor is a real treat, and for those who don't, than it won't really matter. Sadly I will not be getting Dead Space 2; but my friend is and he doesn't care much for Dragon Age. Maybe I can persuade him to let me have the code if he gets one xP

    Posted: January 20, 2011 5:22 PM