AOTS Reveals World's Largest T-Bag

Posted: January 19, 2011
AOTS Reveals World's Largest T-Bag

First, Attack of the Show created the world's largest and smallest NES controllers and now Kevin Pereira and Candace Bailey reveal our latest attempt in the Guinness Book of World Records: the world's largest T-bag.

Don't let your T-bag fun end here. We've got enough photos of Candace Bailey and Kevin Pereira setting the T-bag world record to keep you occupied until tea time tomorrow. Set your sterling silver tea service down and take a look!

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  • piggy978

    on behalf of everyone in England I would like to express our rage and state that because of this treachery we will now be forced to create the worlds largest hotdog!

    Posted: January 24, 2011 6:15 AM
  • touchmypenguinagain

    The new videos won't load up at work anymore nor go full screen at home. I preferred the old flash frame as it just worked, like the videos on xplay still work for me.

    Posted: January 24, 2011 2:16 AM
  • BMcManus

    haha.. i'm in england right now and everyone is quietly outraged. love AOTS

    Posted: January 21, 2011 3:20 AM
  • Wraydar

    t-bag candice next time...pun intended

    Posted: January 20, 2011 5:54 PM
  • WeirdArchives

    Say, are there more photos of Candace in that wetsuit? She looked damn hot in it!

    Posted: January 20, 2011 5:26 AM
  • Athtsak

    Candice seem to a nice collection of shoes.

    Posted: January 20, 2011 3:33 AM
  • vulgora

    i thought it was d bag at first lol

    Posted: January 19, 2011 10:40 PM